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Challenge Your Cyber Assumptions, Change Your Cyber World
When you move from the physical to the digital world, the rules change. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to assume that they stay the same. This directly affects an organization’s ability to make faster, better decisions in cyber security. This dynamic keynote explores how within every cyber decision lies an assumption. Based on Andy Cohen’s new book, Challenge Your Assumptions, Change Your World, he provides the mechanisms for learning how to identify potentially dangerous assumptions that act as barriers to security and turn those same assumptions into opportunities to adapt, innovate and defend. This talk provides the tools allowing CEOs, CIOs, Senior Engineers and Team Leaders to move out of their comfort zones, break through the status quo and align their thinking to uncover key solutions in this new cyber frontier.
“Andy’s unique perspective on decision making in cyber security provided the insights to challenge our own assumptions, breakthrough the status quo and help improve performance on the battlefield and in cyberspace.” General (Ret) Keith Alexander, former director NSA, 1st commander of U.S. Cyber Command and CEO IronNet Security.

The Assumpt!
The Art of Challenging Assumptions
Assumptions are key components of every decision you make. The trouble we get into is treating those assumptions as truths rather than believes.
But what if we could take those dangerous assumptions and turn them into advantages that help drive growth and change?
That is the principle of The Assumpt! – an innovative paradigm that allows you to identify and then challenge assumptions which otherwise act as barriers to your reaching your goals. The Assumpt! helps people understand that it’s OK to make assumptions. What is important is that you identify and then know how to challenge the assumptions you make.
You learn how to think differently by challenging dangerous assumptions while receiving tools to internalize the Assumpt! Paradigm and apply the new learning spontaneously over and over again. The end result is helping individuals and organizations overcome the barriers standing in the way of their success.

Learning Outcomes
Thinking Differently and Making Better Decisions
Leadership: How to engage and motivate your team to think and act differently. Getting people to think strategically, not just tactically. Breaking through barriers that stand in the way of your teams’ success.
Marketing/Sales: Enhance creative thinking. Turning a “No” into a “Yes”. Aligning people through better communications. Challenging industry assumptions to separate your business from the competition and drive sales.
Innovation: Shifting perspectives. Re-engineering your thinking to do things differently than before. Challenging the assumptions standing in the way of execution.

Didn’t you get my text? No, didn’t you get my email?
How to successfully integrate generational on-the-job differences.
Every generation has its own language, culture and method of doing things. That means each generation also brings their own set of assumptions into the office—Millennials are lazy, Boomers are stuck in their ways, Post Millennials pay more attention to their smartphones than to their jobs.
These assumptions are a breeding ground for tension, poor communication, lack of loyalty, decline in productivity and misalignment. Learn how to confront these assumptions to bring the workforce together rather than keep them apart. The Assumpt! raises your organization’s self-awareness around the sometimes dangerous assumptions they make and then shows how to challenge them.
This keynote/seminar is designed for senior leaders and their team looking for ways to enhance group activity and effectiveness.

Dealing with Uncertainty
Transform Cognitive Biases From Danger into Opportunity
Despite the rising popularity and recognition that cognitive biases drive irrational behavior, they are integral parts of daily decision-making. Less practical help has been offered to overcoming their adverse impact in inhibiting profit, growth and alignment. The key is to recognize cognitive bias as assumptions which when identified and managed can be turned into opportunities.
Now by combining the construct of The Assumpt! with insights from work identifying cognitive biases, a new framework for effective management has been developed to enhance an organization’s or individual’s ability to think differently and improve decisions under uncertainty.
This keynote/seminar is designed for Senior and Thought Leaders looking for ways to helping their teams manage risks and deal in an environment of uncertainty.

Turn Employees into Ambassadors
Help different organizational divisions speak the same language
Countries have diplomats for a good reason; they act as mediators between two different cultures. Yet businesses lack people who can act as ambassadors during times when divergent divisions, groups or teams are integrated. Each group brings their own language and set of assumptions around their way of doing things. This generates tension, decreases productivity, and loss of morale.
The Assumpt! works with teams to identify and challenge the assumptions that stand in the way of successful integrations. Through personal stories, interactive experiences, business case histories and tools organizations enhance their ability to “think differently,” resolve conflict and accept change.
This keynote/seminar is designed to help successfully integrated business units that will need to change the way they work, interact and produce.

Why Book Andy Cohen?

  • Andy is widely recognized as an idea and innovation marketing guru, and has been a driving force behind the success of some of the world's leading brands, providing strategic advice and leadership motivation to senior executives and their teams.

  • Using magic as a metaphor, he reveals key concepts that challenge people’s assumptions, empower new thinking and drive creative business solutions in leadership, innovation, marketing and sales.

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    Andy Cohen is the founder of Andy Cohen Worldwide (AC/W), a global advisory firm helping multinational companies overcome the barriers that stand in the way of their success.

    Andy is also a speaker, entrepreneur and author.  He empowers the world’s global brands to think differently and challenge their assumptions in leadership, innovation andmarketing.  These companies include American Express, Booz Allen, HSBC, Infosys, L’Oreal, Monsanto, Nestlé and Novartis.

    Between engagements, Andy teaches at some of the world’s most respected universities, having served as an adjunct professor at New York University and the Duke Fuqua School of Business.  He is also a faculty member at Duke Corporate Education and a guest speaker at the Stern School of Business, Indian School of Business and the Qatar Leadership Center.

    His motivational speeches and executive seminars are redefining corporate learning. Though Andy is not a magician by trade, he uses magic as a metaphor to reveal new concepts that empower new thinking and drive innovative business solutions and change.

    His experiential approach guarantees 100% participation from the audience and leads to long-term, sustainable results.

    His best selling book, FOLLOW THE OTHER HAND combines magic as a metaphor with business case histories to instantly unlock innovative thinking.  The New York Times nominated his book as a potential business bestseller.  The book has been translated into multiple languages, most recently into Italian by Rizzoli (2012).

    Prior to AC/W, Andy founded Exposed Brick, a direct marketing agency specializing in bridging the gap between brand and response. Exposed Brick won the prestigious EFFIE award presented by the Association of American Advertising for creative ads that drive measurable results. Andy is personally responsible for driving close to a billion dollars in measurable sales.

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    “Andy’s unique perspective on decision making in cyber security provided the insights to challenge our own assumptions, breakthrough the status quo, and help improve performance on the battlefield and in cyberspace."
    --General (Ret) Keith Alexander, former director NSA and 1st commander of U.S. Cyber Command, CEO IronNet Security

    “Andy’s work on assumptions is critical to the practice of cybersecurity. The vast majority of security issues we face today stem from misplaced trust assumptions. A must read for the security professional.”
    --Colonel (Ret.) Greg Conti, Ph.D.