Anthony Morris

Anthony Morris

Speaker & Financial Advisor Coach
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Double Your (Next) Quarter:
Equip yourself instantly with the exact high-impact WORDS and conceptual illustrations to befriend, intrigue and professionally disturb dozens of prospects in the next 90 days who should be doing business with you instead of your mediocre competitor across the street. From "parent-proofed" financial plans to "annualizing lazy assets", it's all here in a show-stopping idea-a-minute journey into the world of creative, high-voltage vocabulary. Sustainable competitive advantage comes from uniqueness – and this session will arm you with the essential strategies to win the battle for the prospect's heart and mind.

Breakthrough To $1 Million And Beyond:
Grasp the critical approach techniques of the MEGA producers in financial services. Learn how to get CPA's and Attorneys enthusiastically advocating your service and bringing their clients to YOUR office for highly profitable meetings. Shadow the superstars of huge philanthropic estate planning cases, learn how to use Values Trusts to market yourself and discover the keys to successful Family Meetings. Win the hearts and minds of entire GROUPS of professional at their Professional Development Days – what you need to BRING, SHOW and GIVE for immediate success.

Brains and Bytes:
Put your marketing and effectiveness "on steroids" with amazing, simple and often FREE techie techniques. Learn how to have prospects respond positively to warm introduction emails forwarded by existing clients. Which two essential tools MUST you send to prospects to guarantee that they ACTUALLY meet with you? How can you "triangulate" your communication to treble the responses of prospects to your meeting requests? What picture do you send to clients and prospects to motivate them to bring you ALL of their assets and engage in a deep and meaningful financial discussion?


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Anthony Morris is a global financial advisor coach and multiple MDRT speaker who has presented in 50 countries over the last 25 years. His speciality lies in boosting prospecting and warm referral volumes with investment and insurance professionals using "plug-and-play" systems and strategies. Anthony focusses on teaching advisors exactly WHAT to say, HOW and WHEN to say it and what to SHOW clients to get them to take action. See attached recent testimonials for proof of his impact on bottom-line production.

The Big Three differentiators that set him apart from the regular pack of speakers and coaches:

  • Global Perspective – having coached and spoke in 50 countries, he has the strategic equipment to prepare sales forces for pending and potential changes to the local USA industry landscape
  • Plug-And-Play – we deliver the exact step-by-step instructions and methods to building high volumes of prospecting activity for newer agents and High Net Worth/ MEGA Case development for experienced advisors.
  • High Voltage Vocabulary – Attendees are taught precision dialogue focussed on befriending, intriguing and disturbing target clients with no delays or disconnects.
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