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  • Developing Good Managers Into Great Leaders
  • Invent Business Opportunities No One Else Can Imagine
  • Coaching With a Healthy Disregard for the Unreasonable: Turning Performance Plateaus into Breakthrough Opportunities
  • The Learning-While-Working Game-Changer Strategy: Building Capabilities While Work Gets Done
  • Creating Sales Calls Customers Would Pay For
  • Change Mastery: Leveraging the Most Time-Efficient Methods for Building New Capabilities and Embracing the Freedom of Marvelously Uncertain Times
  • Competent Is Not An Option:  Launching a Game-Changer Strategy for Your Business Using the Talent Development Playbook of Sports
Why Book Art Turock?

  • He helps develop good managers into great leaders by turning performance plateaus into breakthrough opportunities.

  • He provides a unique package of services that leaves audiences with the right mindset, work process, and leadership development skills.

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    Art Turock is an elite in-the-field practitioner on two fronts—business and sports. As an elite performance provocateur, Art delivers the most research-tested and time-efficient system for producing breakthroughs in an organization’s capacity for talent development. In 2006, Art decided to compete as a master’s track sprinter with no prior track background. In six years, his sprint times qualified for the national championship meets and his 2011 score in the pentathlon ranked #4 in the US. Building on this diverse background, he employs world-class talent development practices from sports to produce breakthrough results with his business clients.

    Art is the author of two revolutionary books. In Invent Business Opportunities No One Else Can Imagine, he challenges businesses to go beyond solving customer’s expressed needs to delivering benefits customers value but would never ask for. Getting Physical is the first book designed to shift reader’s mindsets from “being interested” to “being committed” to exercise as a lifestyle habit. Articles by Art and references to his work have appeared in Success, USA Today, Fortune, Readers Digest, Association Management, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, Bloomberg News, and CNN.

    Since 1986, Art has been a valued resource to over 120 Fortune 500 companies (including IBM, Merck, 3M) and trade associations like American Society of Association Executives and Young Presidents’ Organization.

    Over period of three years, Art spent a total of eleven days immersed in fantasy camps and attending team practices to study the “Win Forever” coaching philosophy of Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans.

    Art doesn’t do traditional programs where the primary take-away value is “what-to-do” guidelines. Instead, he blends in coaching and interactive experiences to disturb status quo mindsets of audience members, which liberates their capacity for elite performance. They leave with mindset transformations and practical tools to out-strategize, out-innovate, out-learn, out-coach, out-practice, and out-aspire competitors. In audience evaluations, Art Turock’s programs are highly rated on 3 qualities: thought-provoking content, extraordinary customizing, and packaged for take home application.

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