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The Truth About Productivity: You can’t catch up but you can get ahead
You've got a busy job and a busy life. You have clients to serve, employees to manage and hundreds of emails calling your name - and you still want to leave the office at a decent hour!

Technology plays a crucial role in maximizing your productivity - but its interruptions can sabotage your focus. This "keynote with content" will entertain, inspire and motivate others to improve on everything from processing email to using the right apps to enhancing their quality of life.

This presentation is perfect for stressed employees struggling with overload, or those looking to make change to their personal lives. Attendees will laugh and cry, but most importantly, make necessary changes.

The Road Called Chaos: How Did I Get Here?
Contrary to what you may have heard, disorganized people were NOT born that way, nor are they doomed to a life of disorganization! The first step to becoming organized is understanding how you arrived at disorganization in the first place. With that knowledge, you are free to choose another road to travel. Audrey shares case studies from her 15 years as a consultant.

Often used by meeting planners as an opening or closing keynote, this session is both humorous and highly interactive.

Entangled in Email: Become More Efficient, More Effective
On average, you handle more than 100 emails each day. What you do with that 100 (or more!) can sink your productivity, waste your time, and make you feel frustrated. Many of the email habits we’ve formed are bad ones. Take control of your emails to make them work for you.

Learn strategies to get more done each day, including:

  • Presort your emails and keep them out of your inbox
  • Fix your current file folders so they’re more effective
  • Avoid delayed decisions and their disastrous effects
  • Use standard subject line abbreviations to get a response quickly
  • Stop checking your email every few minutes

    This interactive session works best in a 90-minute to 2-hour format with a classroom-type environment. This is Audrey’s most popular session and is easily coupled with another topic for a half-day professional development training.

    Passport to Productivity: A Destination Worth Planning For
    What sets successful employees apart? Their productivity. They get more done, they’re given more important projects. But productivity doesn’t just happen—it’s learned, planned for, and executed with intention.

    Develop habits that will set you apart in the following areas:
  • Managing your time
  • Running effective meetings
  • Keeping up with email
  • Prioritizing projects
  • Controlling all the paper on your desk

    This workshop is a fast-paced, 1-, 1.5-, or 2-hour format. Works best as a general session for professional development.

    Getting Organized with MS® Outlook: Manage Your Email, Manage Your Time
    Outlook isn’t just for email—it’s a tool to manage information and time, too. But most employees never get beyond the basics. A better understanding of Outlook saves you time and frustration. Its hidden tips and tricks will help you get the most done in the least amount of time.

    All participants receive Audrey’s unparalleled Outlook Resource Card, a quick reference of the session concepts, including:
  • The Categories feature—when and where to use it
  • Shortcuts for signatures, processes, and contacts
  • Automatic formatting for email and calendar
  • Customized settings
  • Common email file folder mistakes

    Follows a 1- to 2-hour classroom-style format. Employees are encouraged to bring their laptops for a hands-on experience. Often coupled with “Entangled in Email” for a half-day professional development training.

    2nd Nature Productivity: Productive on Purpose
    Highly productive days don’t just happen. They’re the result of careful planning and strategy. So why do we charge into our workdays without preparing to be productive in our meetings or tasks?

    Make productivity your second nature. Get tips and strategies to help you approach your days with purpose. The results? Streamlined decision-making. Strategic habits. Productive days.

    Discussions center on:
  • Time-wasters
  • Decision-making
  • Multi-tasking
  • Navigating interruptions
  • Work/life balance

    Select as general session or breakout; 1- to 2-hour format. Easily coupled with another topic for a half-day professional development training. Meeting planners, this is a conference favorite!

    Buried Alive! Surviving Paper Avalanches and Email Landslides
    Piles of files. Thousands of emails. It all adds up to an unproductive, frustrating work environment. Climb out of the chaos with these techniques and processes.

  • Gain back 150 hours of lost productivity
  • Learn six strategies toward a lean office
  • Implement effective filing systems
  • Create productive spaces and systems

    This interactive session works best in a 90-minute to 2-hour format. Utilizes a classroom-type environment including group activities and specific problem solving. Easily coupled with another topic for a half-day professional development training.
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    Audrey Thomas, CSP, has been entertaining and teaching audiences for over 20 years. As an author, speaker and productivity consultant, she presents for corporations, non-profits, conferences and conventions.

    Audrey has authored several books, including 50 Ways to Leave Your Clutter, and The Road Called Chaos. Her client roster includes The Boeing Company, 3M, Anytime Fitness, Pepsi, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Emerson, FICP (Financial and Insurance Conference Planners), ING, and Toro.

    Audrey writes blogs, articles and produces videos for several organizations, including The Business Journal and UnitedHealthcare. Her bi-monthly newsletter - My Monday Moment – is designed for busy professionals. Serving the National Speakers Association-Minnesota as Past President, she is the recipient of the Certified Speaking Professional designation. The CSP is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform competence. Only 12% of all speakers are awarded this credential.

    Audrey lives in the Twin Cities with her husband and loves being an empty nester. She enjoys gardening, target shooting and deleting emails.

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