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Owner, Carl House & Arriving with BB Webb, Author, Speaker, Media Personality
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Build Your Business. Find Your Twirl! (Your Passion)!
Being an entrepreneur is easier said than done and in a challenged economy, all the more tenuous. BB Webb shares colorful stories and lessons learned to help guide business owners and their employees into creating successful, profitable enterprises that can prosper far into the future! For both the seasoned and budding entrepreneur, BB will explore new possibilities, empowered direction and useful takeaways to help you grow your business.

Key talking points include:

  • Mining Your Assets, Rising Above the Rabble!
  • Surrounding Yourself with the RIGHT People
  • Cash is STILL King!
  • Navigating the ‘Hard Stuff’
  • Play to Your Passion. Find Your Twirl!

    Planning Your Success
    BB Webb continues her message of a self-empowered, professional focus as she shares stories of entrepreneurial (near) disaster and her inspired solutions to rise above the fray. With both laughter and tears, she’ll send you away with perspectives on how to muscle through the tough times and have you working on an action plan that will create greater abundance and focus on the possibilities available to you! Be prepared to focus on your strengths while refusing to become a part of what BB calls the ‘Limited Laggard – Honey Boo Boo’ mindset, embracing the inspired, creative, forward moving professional you were born to be!

    Key Talking Points Include:
  • Making Things What They Are!
  • The Importance of Relationship. Business IS Personal!
  • If It COULD Work, What Would It Look Like?
  • Who Do You Need to ‘Fire’ From Your Life?
  • Your Roadmap for Change And Support Along the Way

    The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything! Leveraging Your Brand For Success
    No matter what your business specialty, you need to be dialed into the competitive landscape. Knowing what others in your market are doing, writing about, and promoting can be a key to your success. Do you ever wonder what works for your competitors and what might work better for your company?

    Key Talking Points Include:
  • What your ‘competitors’ and clients are saying about you
  • Leverage your relationship with competitors to grow business
  • Adopt what your competitors are doing better than you to your business
  • How to differentiate your brand and establish yourself as the expert in your industry

    Building Your Career, The Power of Intention
    Building a career takes more than going to the ‘right school’, but a clear intention, a network of professionals and colleagues to keep you moving in the right direction and the ability to get ‘up’ when you fall ‘down’. BB Webb visits with young professionals sharing stories of her journey from struggling actress/playwright to seasoned, sought after business woman and award winning entrepreneur. BB shares how success is an attitude and a journey, sharing colorful stories and lessons learned, aimed at guiding eager young professionals in the direction of their professional and personal dreams, assisting them in finding their passions or what she calls, ‘your twirl’! Both entertaining and chocked full of insightful takeaways, ‘Building Your Career, Finding Your Twirl!’ is the perfect tool for jumpstarting and focusing the young professional.

    Key talking points include:
  • The Power Of Intention and The Best Laid Plans.
  • Mining Your Assets, Moving Beyond Status Quo!
  • Surrounding Yourself With The RIGHT People
  • Navigating The ‘Hard Stuff’. Paying Your Dues!
  • Map Your Plan! Planning Your Success!
  • Play To Your Passion And Find Your Twirl!

    Adversity Rocks! Leveraging Your Challenges and Going for the Win!
    In this humorous, candid, ‘no holds barred’ talk, BB speaks what we all too often are afraid to say or admit. Through the use of stories and her own challenges, she encurages her audience to look at their lives to make conscious decisions in their lives. She encourages taking ownership of ‘what is’ and looking at the choices present to shift your world into more of the place you’d like to live.

    Key talking points include:
  • What’s Up In Your World?
  • Creating a Roadmap for Personal and Professional Change
  • Celebrating Your Wins
  • Finding Support Along the Way
  • The Importance of Gratitude and Appreciation

    Bringing Professionalism and Courtesy Back into the Workplace
    Entrepreneur BB Webb shakes things up with her talk on bringing professionalism and courtesy back into the workplace. With a national culture turned casual through both social media and the media in general, it’s easy to lose sight of what BB calls, ‘professional decorum’. Whether you’re an auto shop or a 5 star hotel, courtesy and professionalism are demonstrated ‘top down’ in an organization, backed by a clear vision and culture statements and written policy within your organization. With BB’s characteristic style and wit, be prepared to walk away with a new look at both your personal and professional brand!

    Key talking points include:
  • What ‘Casual Friday’ Doesn’t Mean
  • Creating a Culture That Supports Your Vision
  • Policies, Communication and Inspecting What You Expect!
  • Do Your Customers, Employees and Boss Know You Care?
  • Developing Your Personal and Professional Brand
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    BB Webb is an entrepreneur, visionary, writer, speaker and media personality. In thirteen years she has grown her award winning Carl House venue into one of the leading event venues in the Southeast producing over 100 unique weddings and special events a year. She has been selected as one of the ‘People to Know’ by Gwinnett Magazine 12 years in a row! In 2014 she was nominated by Atlantan Magazine as one of the most Influential and Powerful Women in Atlanta. In 2012 she was selected as one of 10 Top Female Leaders in North Atlanta and was also honored as Barrow County’s ‘Business Woman of the Year’. In 2011 her company, Carl House, was selected as one of the top 30 small businesses in the Southeast and of the top 30 in Atlanta. That same year she was invited to join the coveted ranks of Les Dames d’Escoffier Atlanta Chapter, a cutting edge association of top women in the culinary field.

    In 2010 she was selected as one of five finalists for the coveted WE Excel Award by the NAWBO, Atlanta Chapter and appeared as a ‘Hard Knocks’ judge in the new CBS program, ‘The Next Tycoon’. In 2008 she was awarded by Catalyst Magazine as one of the top five entrepreneurs to watch in Atlanta and in 2006 was awarded the ‘Results Count’ award by Atlanta Women in Business.

    BB is the former host of the successful cable access television program ‘Living Life with Style’ and co-contributor to a Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn book entitled, ‘Rising to the Top’. She wrote a successful column for Southern Distinctions Magazine and has a new book out entitled, Build Your Business: BB Webb’s “Notes From the Highwire!”  BB’s also developing a book series called ‘Tiny Tips of Wisdom for the Small Business Owner’ and is working on a television series entitled, What’s YOUR Story? BB Webb Champions the Entrepreneur.  Her bucket list includes plans for developing overnight facilities and a second venue on the 30 acres she owns behind Carl House.

    With a background in theatre, BB holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in performance from Marlboro College and a graduate degree from The Ohio State University. She studied and worked intensively with theatre legend Tony Montanaro who most notably influenced her work as an artist. In 1990, she wrote, produced, marketed, and performed in her own one-woman play, Through Ruby’s Eyes, which she toured nationwide. Over the years she has honed both her marketing and business skills to enable the birth of multiple creative projects and new businesses.

    In 2002 she saw an opportunity with what is now Carl House, completely renovating the house and property, bringing together her various skills by creating a full service event facility which could utilize her theatre background, leadership, marketing and sales smarts.

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