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Maximize the Value of Your Business by Analyzing and Recasting Your Financial Statements
Standard financial statements are not designed to convey the true value of a business; they are designed to comply with generally accepted accounting practices and to minimize taxes in privately held companies. When these documents are used to attract investors/acquirers, or support loan applications, they frequently understate the value of a business. This program will dramatically improve your chances of obtaining the financing needed to grow a business, and/or maximize the selling price of a business when the time comes to sell the business.

Every Practical Thing: Tax Issues
Learn to utilize existing credits and accelerate deductions in order to obtain the best tax strategy. Learn about different entities and their specifics. There are over seventy different tax concepts available to businesses and not knowing and understanding them can cost you extra taxes.

Getting To Know Your Financial Statements like The Back Of Your Tool Belt
Financial statements are complex. So is your line of work. Upon leaving this workshop you will have the “tools” you need to understand financial statements like the back of your tool belt.

Show Me the Money
Not many people can pull $5,000,000 out of their savings account to purchase a business. Further, credit has recently become harder to obtain. Despite the challenges in obtaining financing whether it be to purchase or operate a business, legal methods exist to obtain the necessary cash.

Business Succession or “Your Business Bucket List”
Learn to preserve your business for retirement or the next generation before it is too late. Let Dr. Bart Basi walk you through the steps to keep your business or estate from becoming assets of the government and taxing bodies!

Enabling Your Business to Survive Eternity
The two greatest threats that threaten your business today are not competition and the economy. The two greatest, imminent threats to businesses are 1) lack of succession planning and 2) the potential for estate taxes. Are your business clients and your business prepared? Don't let a business or estate become assets of the government and taxing bodies! Dr. Basi will explain the need, requirements and the methods to transition a business from one owner to the next.

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Business Value: The Three Most Important Numbers to a Business Person
Valuing a house is simple. Appraisers look at the size and condition of the houses around the subject house. In business, since each is unique, determining a value is a much more complex process. There is no "formula" or "multiple" that can be used to determine the value of a business. Conforming to IRS and state standards for valuation is critical. Dr. Basi will describe the basics of how valuations are done for a private company.

Business Succession: Preserving Your Business for the Next Generation
Are you and your business prepared for the two greatest threats to your business today? If you do not have an estate plan that addresses business succession and estate taxes this program is for you! Don’t let your business or estate become assets of the government and taxing bodies!

Financial Statements: The Numbers and Dollars on Financial Statements - Don’t Let Their Complexity Scare You
Financial statements contain a lot of numbers and dollars. Failure to properly interpret and understand them can result in bad business decisions. Understanding them is critical for the success of your business. This workshop will teach you what you need to know to make successful business decisions.

Laying Our The Floor Plan For Your Tax Blueprint
Learn the tax aspects that really matter to your business and lay out your tax blueprint! Learn to utilize existing credits and accelerate deductions in order to obtain the best tax strategy.

Why Book Bart Basi?

  • Dr. Basi is a specialist in the areas of business succession, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, retirement and estate planning, strategic planning, and tax aspects of business.

  • His unparalleled expertise and outstanding speaking skills make him the "go to guy" on finance, offering insight and instruction that turns what many might deem as "boring programs" into engaging and enlightening presentations.

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    Dr. Bart A. Basi, an upstate New York native, got his financial start as a youngster delivering newspapers and spent his teenage and college years working for small companies that developed his future interest in helping similar companies perpetuate their businesses. The companies he worked for operated in the areas of landscaping, grocery, pharmacy, and accounting. During college summer breaks, he worked for his municipality’s Parks and Recreation Department.

    He graduated from Utica College of Syracuse University with an accounting major. After earning his degree, he chose to continue his studies earning an MBA from Syracuse University. After taking some time to gain work experience, he returned to school where he earned a JD (law degree) from the University of Louisville and a PhD in Economics/ Accounting from Indiana University.

    Basi began his career in financial, legal and tax advising in State College, PA in 1973 while he was teaching at Penn State University. He was invited to address a national association convention and “the phone has never stopped ringing!” Throughout the past thirty years, he has been a very successful speaker at regional and national meetings. From these venues he has personally met and worked with businesspersons throughout the USA and Canada. In 1978, he founded The Center for Financial Legal & Tax Planning, Inc. and has been in high demand by business owners for his expertise ever since.

    Bart has achieved many awards during his career and has been recognized in his field by being invited to sit on various committees including the American Bar Association’s Committee on Closely-Held Businesses.

    He enjoys a fast paced lifestyle that includes on-site visits to his clientele’s businesses located all over the North American Continent. When Bart Basi looks at businesses, he sees opportunities for their owner. Owners call on him to help them in his six areas of expertise: strategizing for their company, valuing their company, transferring their company to family and third party members, mergers and acquisitions, planning for retirement and estate planning, and knowing the tax aspects of their business decisions.

    He has served in volunteer capacity for several organizations: Boy Scouts of America (mentoring many young men to become Eagle Scouts), Little League (coaching), the American Cancer Society (chairing their annual drive) and has given countless hours to his church.

    Basi and his wife Carol are the parents of six children and have five grandchildren to light up their lives. Bart has sponsored charity of choice, the Maryknoll Mission Society.

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