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The World's Only Legal Pickpocket
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The Art of the Steal
Interactive comedy pickpocket stage show blends hilarity and reality. High-impact, high-comedy, audience participation, ideally 55 minutes long. Bob excels at ice-breaking multinational audiences, and is a powerful closer at gala awards dinners. In the middle of the show, he projects a few minutes of his own footage of real street thieves in action. Audiences always find the video fascinating, and Bob follows it with a comedy spoof. With smart, timely, useful content, audiences learn through their tears of laughter. Different, powerful, side-splitting.

Secrets of the Steal Business
Keynote & comedy: timely security topics for all. Renown travel safety expert Bob Arno shares his entertaining insight through the back door of street crime. Packed with humor and anti-theft advice, this demo-rich, destination-specific presentation is fully customizable and includes relevant video from Bob’s own archive. Regularly praised as “fascinating,” ”educational,” & “invaluable.”

The Illicit Acquisitions Game
Same as above, but less comedy, less fun, concentration on delivery of serious information. Can be booked as a second, separate presentation with The Art of the Steal.

Identity Theft in the Internet Age
Bob Arno is an international street-crime and diversion theft authority. He scouts the world’s major cities to track and film con artists and scamsters in action. His extraordinary footage, frequently used on news- and talk-shows, is a highlight of his presentations. It reveals creative ruses, brazen thefts, secret MOs, and techniques in identity theft never before documented. Many hours of interrogation of thieves have given Bob a unique insight into the mind and manners of identity thieves and their latest tricks-of-the-trade. Bob stresses the importance of simple and serious steps to reduce exposure and risk of ID theft.

Travel Safety: Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams
In today’s climate of fear and suspicion, we all seem to be looking over our shoulders when we travel. But do we know what to look for? Would we know a bad guy if we saw one? Criminologist Bob Arno practically guarantees the safety of his attendees after this show-and-tell lecture. Illustrated with demonstrations, brought to life with video, and peppered with anecdotes, Bob’s upbeat presentation teaches awareness and how to spot suspicious behavior. Talks are tailored for specific audiences according to travel sophistication level, and may be general or customized for particular itineraries. Usually, the world’s favorite tourist destinations are covered. For each country and city discussed, Bob defines the creative ruses used to con or rob a tourist and shows video examples of actual incidents. Each MO is admirable for its sheer deviousness.

Why Book Bob Arno?

  • As a leading international expert on theft and risk-management solutions, Bob consults globally with police departments, security experts, and film producers.

  • He is a sought-after authority on identity theft, con artists and scams, with an entertaining presentation.

  • Videos

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    For the past 20 years, Bob Arno has been “in the field,” tracking and filming real street thieves in action in the world’s top travel destinations. His goal was to bring new material to his presentations, adapted from the latest MOs of the street thieves themselves. His interviews and interrogations of countless criminals have given him a backdoor perspective on the mindset of this underclass. His unique footage of candid conversations and crime-in-action is incorporated into his presentations, shared with police and security forces around the world, and made into documentaries.

    Bob’s career has moved from nightclubs to casino showrooms to theaters to industrial entertainment, and spans 30 years of success on five continents. He currently specializes in multinational corporate events, where audiences arrive with vastly varied experience and expectation. Multilingual and highly visual, his physical funny-business and audience participation break all language barriers.

    He is a frequent presenter at Tourism Safety and Security Conferences and pre-Super Bowl seminars for law enforcement and security professionals. With exclusive video, live demonstrations, and well-appreciated humor, Bob offers a global perspective on diversion theft techniques and the latest international trends.

    Bob Arno is a speaker, entertainer, author, and special lecturer to law enforcement agencies. With his wife, Bambi Vincent, he is co-author of the book Travel Advisory: How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams.

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    "Bob was awesome. He had the audience in the palms of his hands."
    --Mutual of Omaha

    "Bob is a MUST for your event. Attendees at our engineering and construction event were talking about his performance for days. Captivating, funny, an amazing, talented performer."
    --North American Society for Trenchless Technology

    “The audience LOVED Bob Arno ... A huge hit with everyone! Attendees at our event were talking about his performance for days. Captivating, funny, an amazing, talented performer. Bob is a MUST for your event. In addition, Bob & Bambi were such a pleasure to meet and work with.”
    --Benjamin Media

    "Bob Arno was exactly what my members needed to end our conference on a high. Smart, witty, intriguing and hilarious, I have never seen such a reaction from my folks. He was a pure delight to work with both on and off the stage and was the buzz of the conference...definitely!"
    --GAMA International

    “Re-booking Bob Arno was a great choice. And the success of his presentation proved it, …. he was the best entertainer and comedian that they had seen in the 24 years of our conference. I really, truly haven't heard as much positive feedback about one of our entertainers as I have after Bob's performance.”

    "Bob Arno was a huge hit at our conference. He combined entertainment with solid content that connected the world of security and internet protection to our segment of the finance industry. We were impressed and delighted that Bob had our usually serious folks on their feet and laughing, and that he also gave them useful information."
    --National Advisors Trust