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Bob Pritchard

International Business Troubleshooter, Marketing Expert
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Change - the rapid technology tsunami which is disrupting every industry.
In the past ten years we have advanced just 1% of the technology revolution, in the next fifteen years we will advance the next 99%. Technology change will be extraordinary, industries will be disrupted. Our customers will be more informed, more connected and more socially conscious. Managing this will require a dynamic change in leadership, corporate culture and community citizenship, management, marketing and advertising and customer communication and service. Bob Pritchard shows you how to embrace this change; provide leadership, motivate employees and stakeholders, use this new technology to reach and drive consumers to purchase, become loyal customers and advocates, reduce costs and drive ROI.

Differentiation in a time of disruptive change requires real "outside the box" thinking.
New technology, the 24/7 connected empowered customer, changes in consumer reading, listening and viewing habits, the explosion in one-on-one enabled new media, all provide unequalled opportunity to differentiate from the competition. In reality, if you are a me-too, you will lose. it’s not what you sell, but how you position yourself to sell that matters. Don’t enter into a war of features and benefits when medical research shows all decisions are initially made emotionally. Bob Pritchard shows you how to use outside the box thinking to clearly define your Consumer Purchasing Benefit and articulate your differentiation message.

Customer Service in a time of disruptive change requires a paradigm shift in thinking.
Todays Customer Service is totally inadequate. Traditional methods of customer interaction; gaining trust, developing loyalty and generating word-of-mouth are less relevant, yet PWC research is showing us that customer service is now even more critical to business growth, ROI and pricing strategy than ever. Bob Pritchard shows you how to embrace this change, demonstrates how proactive customer service is not about buying new technology, but requires a change in mindset and a strategy that melds traditional best practices with mobile and social platforms. He demonstrates how to effectively use location-based marketing, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yelp. YouTube and other dynamic tools to give the customer a “knock your socks off” customer experience.

Leadership: Rapid disruptive change is turning Leadership, at every level of business, on its head.
Traditional structures are not suited to fast changing environments, today decisions and strategies must be developed quickly by people at the coal face. This requires the management team and employees to be trusted and empowered to make timely decisions. Managers at all levels face challenges beyond their individual capabilities, requiring increased emphasis on collaboration, innovation, managing change, building relationships, working across boundaries and participation management. Relying on management competencies that worked in the past, will no longer produce the results required or necessary.

Marketing in a time of disruptive change – what you know now, no longer applies.
The rapid change in technology, the 24/7 connected, highly informed customer, the changes in consumer reading, listening and viewing habits, the decline of traditional media and the explosion in new media, increased market segmentation and an empowered consumer have changed the game. Bob Pritchard shows you how to embrace change, demonstrates which principles that have been the cornerstone of marketing, advertising, promotion and PR for nearly a century still apply, and which do not. He also provides you with dynamic tools to give your customer a “knock your socks off” experience at every level of your business.

Motivation in a time of disruptive change can revitalise any business.
Bob educates, inspires and motivates creating exceptional results. Change affects management and employee morale, enthusiasm, creativity, innovation, decisive leadership, productivity, profits and share price and puts companies at risk of losing pivotal people. Bob provides inspirational examples, team building and other proven success tools, but expands on it to include the tools essential for tomorrows workplace: the role that corporate culture plays in employee motivation, Interaction, innovation and inventiveness to create an environment where employees want to spend time, keep morale high, increase productivity and retain good employees.


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Bob Pritchard and the team of experts at Marketforce One Business Strategies are acknowledged as among the very best in the world, preparing companies to meet the huge challenges presented by the acceleration of technological, consumer and employee change.

Specializing in SME’s and early stage businesses the Marketforce One Business Strategies team has taken start-ups to highly successful IPO’s, small businesses into global joint ventures, concepts to international reality, even a $115 million increase in sales in 3 months for a Frito Lay subsidiary.

From providing advice on a specific business area or giving your company a full check up from the front door to back door, the MFOBS team are commercial, logical and pragmatic. They get result for clients.

Bob sits on the Boards of several publicly listed and private companies as well as having been the CEO of two publicly listed companies. He has extensive knowledge of business, marketing, regulatory, financial, strategy, franchising and personal issues.

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“A real wake up session. His examples were great; people are still talking about how funny it was. Bob Pritchard keeps your interest all the time. We were extremely happy that Bob could replace Tom Peters at such short notice”

“Bob Pritchard makes a difference where it counts…the bottom line. His information on why how to motivate customers, why customers stop doing business with you and how to turn customers into raging advocates was invaluable. His understanding of how to motivate customers to buy is very unique. And he delivers his message with such fire and passion”
--Clear Channel Communications Inc.

“You received unanimous ‘best session’ score from a demanding audience”
--Scottish Equitable