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Bruce Appelson

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It is an unfortunate consequence of our ever-increasingly changing, demanding and technological society that we are actually “taught” not to relax. Many of us feel we can relax only after everything you have ever needed to get done is complete (in other works, when we’re dead!) In business, we are judged far too often by how much we can ‘get done.’ Not ‘doing’ makes us feel guilty, worthless and non-productive. During the current push towards doing more with less resources, we need to examine the quality of our greatest resource; ourselves.

The additional short term profits created by focusing purely on efficiency are borrowed against our long term ability to re-create, to refresh and renew, and to live our lives in balance in regard to our work, families, health, financial security, leisure, spirituality and self-development. When this is permitted to continue unchecked, so-called ‘efficiency’ unusually leads to ineffectiveness, burn-out and problems related to work performance, family and health.


Recharging is an investment. If we think or ourselves as an ‘economy’, we can suggest that we are born with the ability to ‘spend’ and ‘earn’ physical, psychological and spiritual ‘capital’. Throughout our lives we call upon these resources to help us maintain our equilibrium and tolerance to stress. Without ‘investing additional capital’ in ourselves we drain our resources and end up with a ‘depressed economy.’ When our economy is depressed, we tend to borrow more and more resources. This creates a ‘deficit’—we begin falling behind, trying to squeeze more and more out of less and less. The more chronic this cycle, the greater the chance we feel desperate, hopeless and out of control.

To create a ‘profit’ in our personal economy we need to take time to analyze our resources and make wise investments. Only by continuing to invest can we insure our health and longevity or our ‘economy’. Our ability to tolerate stress is enhanced by our gift of generating resources. True effectiveness at work and at home is contingent upon making investments necessary to insure our health and productivity, and must include nutrition, rest, exercise, recovery, relaxation, leisure, play, quiet time, social activity, physical and psychological intimacy.


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Bruce Appelson is an independent management consultant, executive coach, facilitator and keynote speaker. He has spent more than two decades helping some of America’s largest organizations achieve maximum potential in productivity. As president of Appelson Consulting Partners, L.L.C., his projects have ranged from pharmaceutical sales training for Bristol-Myers Squibb, to executing a performance-management initiative for a thousand Chemical Bank managers, to training IBM’s highest-volume sales teams during a corporate-wide virtual-teaming project. Prior to starting his consulting firm in 1989, Appelson maintained a private counseling practice for individuals and designed stress management curricula for corporate clients. During this time he developed his powerful “Take Charge-ReCharge” program, which he delivers all over America as a keynote speaker or in half- or full-day workshops. His degrees include a BA in Psychology and Fine Arts Theater, a BS in Music Education, a Master’s in Educational Psychology and certification as a biofeedback and behavioral therapist.

As consultant and facilitator for Best Practice Institute, The Forum Corporation and New Haven Consulting Group, Appelson continues to illuminate how leadership and productivity can be forged in the crucible of teamwork. He is a single father to a fifteen-year-old son and lives in Connecticut. With past professional stage appearances both in improvisational comedy and as a musician, he remains actively involved in musical performance. Appelson also maintains a keen interest in physical fitness and has raced competitively both as a runner and a sanctioned bicycle racer. Currently he is preparing to publish a book based on his experiences, entitled Relationships In Tune…The Music of Relationships.

Appelson has developed and delivered corporate wide 360 programs, coaching senior managers at Aetna Property and Casualty, Aetna Health Plans, Nat West and JP Morgan. Bruce conducted train the trainer programs for Aetna’s top HR Regional Staff in a 360 coaching process. In addition, he personally coached the top 100 senior executives at Pitney Bowes Corporation and has coached CEO’s at Pilot Pen and Pitney Bowes. Bruce spent five years coaching the corporate HR staff at Pepsi-Co. He has ten years experience as a psychotherapist in Greenwich, CT with a Masters Degree in Psychology and post graduate behavioral training in Behavioral Psychotherapy. Bruce is certified in Myers Briggs, Disc, Belbin and Salovy’s Emotional Intelligence assessment instrument.

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Bruce on several engagements and have always found him to be highly capable, professional, energetic, and personable in all of his client interactions. He has an expert level understanding and ability to apply all modern and future practices in any and all domains of organization learning, HR, change, and leadership development. His range is wide and deep, and can fit into any organization system to help them develop, execute on, facilitate, and lead a successful program. He not only has the expertise to provide the internal capacity for facilitating, designing, and developing actual workshops, assessments, or experiences he can also orchestrate and bring in the very best methodologies and tools on the market today. I highly recommend him for your practice or organization.
--Best Practice Institute