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Her Place at the Table: Negotiating for Career Success​
Research shows that women are excellent at negotiating on the behalf of others, yet fall short when it comes to negotiating for themselves. And even in today’s world, women are still less likely than men to ask for that big project, raise or promotion. Yet no matter how you define career success, you must be able to ask for what you want in order to get what you want. Carol Frohlinger shows women how to stop “hoping” and start “negotiating” for their career goals! In this dynamic and interactive program, Carol teaches audiences the strategies and tools needed to proactively advocate for themselves, as well as the negotiation pitfalls to avoid such as “The Tiara Syndrome,” mentioned by Sheryl Sandberg in her best-selling book Lean In. “Hope” is not a strategy, but “negotiation” is!

Business Development: Negotiating Successfully with Prospects and Clients
​ The ability to negotiate effectively with both prospective and existing clients is a critical skill in developing new business. Yet many women struggle to find the right balance to build and strengthen relationships with their clients -- without sacrificing the company’s bottom line -- in part because recent research shows that women face more deceit during negotiations than men do. Those who can negotiate for and craft “win-win” solutions are uniquely poised to contribute to their organizations -- and to enjoy the fruits of their success! Learn how to develop more business for your organization by negotiating more successfully with prospects and clients.​​

From "Nice Girl" to "Winning Woman": Negotiating the Life You Want
​ ​Many women flawlessly serve all the people around them. And research shows that many of these women also subconsciously allow themselves to be held hostage to the needs of others at the expense of their own needs. These women are sometimes thought of as “nice girls,” because they rarely, if ever, put themselves first. Culture, childhood messages, stereotypes and other factors can play a part in limiting women’s expectations, allowing them to unwittingly sabotage their relationships -- both professional and personal – and keep them from living the lives they want.

Carol helps turn “nice girls” into “winning women.” In this eye-opening program, she shows you how to get the life you want by applying negotiation principles to relationships with anyone, anywhere, any time. In this keynote you’ll learn seven powerful strategies for negotiating the life you want and how to avoid the traps that befall even the most modern and independent of women. ​

​ How to Attract, Retain and Promote Women ​​
Organizations know that attracting, retaining and promoting top talent is critical for success in a competitive business climate – and since women are 50% of the workforce, the failure to do so limits their opportunities in the marketplace. Yet, despite millions of dollars spent in pursuit of this goal, the results haven’t been realized. Why not? In this program, grounded in 40 years of social science research, Carol offers practical advice to leaders who want to “move the needle” and create a workplace that works for both men and women.

​​Inspiration for Negotiation Success as a Leader
Great leaders are great negotiators! The secrets to negotiating successfully – believing that you can be successful, being proactive and being well prepared are the three keys to getting great outcomes. In this inspirational program, Carol shares stories of women who took charge of their careers -- and their lives – using negotiation as the way to shape their futures. Learn the secrets of successful women, and be inspired to make an impact and make a difference.

Living and Leaving Your Legacy
Whether you are just starting a career or thinking about winding down, it’s important to think about how you can make an impact every day — and how you will be remembered when it’s time to move on. Hear stories about women who have changed minds and hearts through their work; they’ll inspire you to make a difference for others.


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Co-author of Her Place at the Table and Nice Girls Just Don’t Get It, Carol Frohlinger is an internationally known speaker on the ways women can negotiate with authenticity to achieve their maximum personal and professional potential. Her depth of expertise and unique perspectives have empowered thousands of women to negotiate more confidently, competitively and competently in all aspects of their lives.

With humor and practical advice she demystifies the negotiation process, providing women with the tools needed to advocate themselves and get results – not only for them, but for their organizations as well. High energy, a wealth of experience, and the ability to connect with audiences of all ages and stages of their careers result in audience comments such as “engaging”, “thought-provoking”, and “dynamic”. Even the most reluctant negotiators in her audiences agree that her presentations provide critical skills that enable them to “negotiate with the best of them!”.

Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, the Healthcare Business Women’s Association, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, The Principal Financial Group, the New York State Bar Association, and the National Association of Women Lawyers are just a few of the organizations and professional associations to whom Carol has spoken, often calling upon her time and again to share her wisdom with employees, clients and members.

Carol has appeared on the Today Show among other television programs. Her advice has been featured by CBS MoneyWatch, NPR, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Newsday, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Women’s Health and The New York Times among other mainstream media. Frequently called upon to provide expert input by publications serving the legal and accounting professions, Carol also contributes articles to professional and association journals such as WomenLegal Magazine, Managing Partner and ALM Law Journal’s Marketing the Law Firm and blogs for and The Huffington Post.

Co-founder of Negotiating Women, Inc., Carol consults with organizations and associations who wish to attract, retain and promote talented women. Carol and her team design and administer diagnostic surveys informing companies about gender related issues, conduct focus groups with women at all levels, advise companies about how to launch and support women’s initiatives as well as developing and delivering research-based, interactive workshops.

Her previous experience includes training both men and women in the financial services industry to negotiate sophisticated solutions to meet customer needs and to deepen relationships.

Carol is a former sales executive, commercial banker and practicing attorney. She holds a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law and is admitted to practice before New York and federal courts.

Carol was selected by then Senator Hillary Clinton to lecture on the issue of pay equity for women and to serve on a panel with the Senator to address the causes and implications of the gender gap in pay. She has been honored by The International Alliance for Women with its “World of Difference Award” and was named to Top 50 Most Influential Women List by the Irish Voice.

Living by the maxim, “To those whom much is given, much is expected”, Carol was appointed to the New York State Bar Association’s Task Force on the Future of the Legal Profession, served as co-chair of the Best Practices Sub-Committee on Women in the Law; and volunteers with The InterOrganizational Network (ION), an organization that focuses on increasing the number of women on the boards of America’s publicly held companies.

Carol lives in New York City with her husband and is the proud parent of a daughter and son. She negotiates with each of them often.

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