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Gutsy Leadership
How to Lead Courageously in a Fast Paced World

We live in an age of extreme uncertainty and ever changing conditions. It is more and more challenging to manage all of the demands that are coming at us at a faster and faster pace. Building a high performance team with healthy in-house competition and continuous development are leadership necessities of today’s leader.

As the President of a real estate development company, Cary leads a team of over 300 people. He understands today’s competitive marketplace and the challenges of top leaders and sales teams.

It takes real courage to stand firm in what you believe in and then lunge forward to your vision. As leaders we need to execute not just naturally, but optimally. Gutsy Leadership is the key element in that process.

Participants will learn:

  • How to retrain your teams to accelerate optimal performance and execution
  • The 4 natural reactions to fear and how they can hinder performance
  • One powerful break through that immediately gives even seasoned leaders permission to lead with more confidence
  • The 5 leadership phases to lead your team with guaranteed continuous improvement

    Lunging Forward
    In today’s extreme conditions fear, doubt and uncertainty are paralyzing people’s power, both professionally and personally. As outlined in Cary Mullen’s book, HOW to WIN - Achieving Your Goals in Extreme Conditions, your attendees will discover the important distinction between the two kinds of fear we all experience. They will learn the four reactions to fear and which ones they are over or under using. Through the IDLE formula and Lunge Forward Approach, Mullen shows attendees how to reduce their stress, overcome their fears and improve their execution in the following areas. Sales people are liberated and motivated; leaders are empowered and inspired; staff are energized and engaged!

    One way or another, individuals who consistently achieve the best results have the courage to innovate even when it is very uncomfortable. On a shoestring budget and a finite amount of time to innovate and implement something new, Cary Mullen carved his way into the record books by using measurement, innovation and the 5 Winning Secrets™.

    Team Captain Leadership
    Thriving in extreme conditions, building stronger relationships and increasing your team’s performance are the leadership hallmarks of a Team Captain. During this presentation, Cary Mullen shares the 5 skills of world class leaders: Focus, Execution, Adaptability, Teamwork and Self-Improvement. He shares insights on how leaders can improve each of these skills personally and in their team.
  • Why Book Cary Mullen?

  • You need a speaker who will discuss five skills of world class leadership: focus, execution, adaptability, teamwork, and self-improvement.

  • Your audience needs to learn how to achieve goals under the most extreme conditions.

  • He holds the world downhill speed record of 97mph!
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    Cary Mullen is a two time Olympian and World Cup Downhill Ski Champion who currently holds the world downhill speed record for skiing the toughest course in the world (Kitzbuhel, Austria) at an amazing speed of 97mph. The winning secrets he learned in sport have helped him to develop and run a highly successful real estate development company with his most recent achievement as resort developer of VivoResorts. As President of this successful resort development, Cary shares his 5 Winning Secrets™ with all of his audiences, showing them how they too can exceed their sales goals and lead others to unrivaled success.

    Cary is an internationally recognized sports personality who was a non-prodigy. Using the 5 Winning Secrets™ Cary became a leader on the National Ski Team for 11 years, a two-time Olympian and ultimately World Cup Champion. With these athletic accomplishments combined with his successful business background and ability to move an audience to action, he shares what it takes to win in a highly competitive market.

    Cary has always been an entrepreneur at heart, starting with real estate investing during his athletic career and founding many real estate ventures since. As past Sales and General Manager for Dale Carnegie, this former partnering with the world leader in business training enabled Cary to consult with many international corporations to help them achieve better results. This global perspective is enhanced by Cary’s present-day, real estate investment company as well his resort development company, VivoResorts, based in Puerto Escondido, Mexico where he is actively involved in the day to day sales activity.

    His personal mission is to promote and develop champions. He realizes the importance of giving back and lends his time and name to many charities. As a community leader, Cary has founded 2 charitable foundations and has served on the Board of Directors for the National Olympic Development Association and the National High Performance Advisory Committee.

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    "We strive to heighten motivation and provide additional training in order to achieve new levels of success for our employees. You helped provide a variety of choices to motivate, excite and strengthen our skills and techniques to help build strong, knowledgeable and happy departments. We are proud to have had you as a presenter."
    --Heritage Hotels & Resorts

    "I never call right after the event, but I had to. Cary Mullen is outstanding. Our group is tough to get people engaged, but he's one of those speakers you could listen to for 2-3 hours. If someone doesn’t like him, they won’t like anybody."
    --Westar Energy

    "Your high energy, enthusiasm and heartfelt journey were inspirational to our sales colleagues. Just what we were hoping for when we planned your participation. Comments like--"I was really moved by his passion to be a winner - I share that same passion" or another "Just like Cary sometimes it feels like we are falling down a mountain but we always get up, learn from our mistakes and we get better". Quite a fitting conclusion to what was an excellent meeting event. The team is ready to Lunge Forward!"
    --Chevron Global Lubricants

    "Great to meet you & thanks again for your outstanding contribution. For me you were the highlight of a great meeting. In an outstanding five days of great speakers Cary Mullen stood out. It is not just his message, which on its own is uplifting, it is his delivery, his personality & his energy. If your meeting is an “eight” he will turn it into a “ten”. If it is already a “ten” then he will send it off the charts. In all my years of attending meetings & listening to great speakers Cary is just about the most complete package, truly outstanding."
    --Million Dollar Round Table

    "Cary fit in so well with the theme of our conference, Full Throttle – The Exhilaration of Peak Performance, it was almost uncanny. He did his homework and actually used the information we gave him in our pre-conference interview, blending it in to his keynote address and making it personal and relevant to our attendees. I even noticed him taking notes during the presentation that was immediately before him (our Executive VP) and used those as well. Cary was motivational, funny, personable, but most of all sincere. His enthusiasm could be felt when he spoke – he was so exciting and convincing – I thought – hey, I could go 97 mph downhill too!"
    --Life Care Services