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  • Marketing to Age Segments...Coming of Age, That Is!
  • Targeting Baby Boomers' Values
  • Communicating Effectively with Today's Twenty-Somethings
  • Winning the Hearts and Wallets of Different Age Group


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Ever wonder why today's youth love tattoos and body-piercing, while their parents, and especially their grandparents, very definitely don't?

Are you surprised that those in retirement today still save for "that rainy day" while today's baby boomers find "saving" not in their vocabulary?

Does it surprise you that someone, perhaps only a few years older or younger than you, seems so different that you have little in common? These same people are customers, your customers! What explains these differences? Charles Schewe has some answers.

Dr. Charles Schewe, highly regarded speaker, professor, consultant and author of over ten books on marketing, originated generational marketing with his widely-acclaimed "The Power of Cohorts" article in American Demographics and in his newest book Defining Markets, Defining Moments (Wiley, 2002). Generational marketing differentiates target markets based on age and experiences shared during late adolescence and early adulthood. Over the past decade, Dr. Schewe has extended his generational marketing approach to include six age groups with yet a seventh now evolving. These groups span America's demographic landscape from those in their upper 80s to today's youth markets. Each group has unique values that drive their behavior, especially their buying behavior. These values are the platforms on which products can be positioned and promotional/sales programs fashioned. Understanding these drivers offers a powerful marketing competitive advantage to those who grasp and execute them.

As a speaker and professor for over 30 years, Dr. Schewe has wowed audiences of all sizes with his engaging and easy style, and with his real-world examples. His decades-long work as a consultant with Fortune 500 companies, including Coca-Cola, Kellogg's, Spalding Sports Worldwide, IBM, and Eastman Kodak, provides a fertile inventory of engaging, hard-hitting real-world examples that pepper his presentations and engage his audiences. With the use of attention-getting slides and video clips, Dr. Schewe provides a highly entertaining, yet strongly substantive, talk that shakes up and wakes up audiences to knowledge that helps them develop, strengthen, and maintain long-lasting relationships with customers differentiated by age.

And, as an added bonus, audiences always walk away with a better understanding of themselves and their own relationships with parents, children, grandparents and others from other age cohorts.

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