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Chuck Coté is a professional speaker, author and business advisor who inspires people to Expect The Best and take responsibility for getting it!

Chuck rekindles passion and dedication - both personally and professionally - with his enthusiasm, insights and proven strategies for succeeding in today’s world. People who work with him or attend one of his presentations are more focused, more passionate, more effective, and more committed.

His business background includes over thirty year’s experience in both the corporate world and as an entrepreneur.

Chuck’s first job was with Xerox Corporation where he set sales records and won numerous awards. He then moved into management and leadership positions at Quebecor Printing Pendell Inc. and helped it grow from sales of $4 million and modest profits to $65 million and record profits.

As an entrepreneur, he has started and managed companies ranging from graphic design, leadership & management training, rubber recycling, and the speaking, writing and consulting business.

Chuck is also a two-time cancer survivor. He was a successful professional speaker in June of 2000 when he was diagnosed with an advanced stage of an aggressive throat cancer and the outlook was grim. He became part of a clinical trial at the University of Michigan’s Cancer Center and underwent intensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He won that battle with cancer and then a second one in 2005 for skin cancer on his nose.

Chuck graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Communications. Before college he spent three years in the Marine Corps and served a tour of duty in Vietnam.

He is a member of the National Speakers Association and the National Speakers Association of Michigan.

Chuck is an author and his latest book, Expect The Best - No-Nonsense Wisdom That Works, was released in June, 2004.

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