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Cindy Whitehead

Cindy Whitehead

One of Fortune's Most Powerful Women, Angel Investor, Serial Enterpreneuer
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Innovation, Disruption & A Billion Dollars
Imagine a Pharmaceutical CEO who has built and sold a company for over billion dollars. Did you think of a gray and black suit? Everything about Cindy Whitehead is going to surprise you. From her unconventional approach and bold moves, she connects with audiences to prove that being underestimated is just an opportunity to surprise people. In each speech she walks audiences through building her companies from scratch, scaling, and selling them for a combined total exceeding $1.5 billion — and how she paid it forward by starting the Pinkubator, where she has invested $15 million into female led or female focused companies, and provided access to funding and mentorship for women. Most importantly, she details how her hard-learned lessons can be applied to your own professional endeavors, whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or building your own company. After hearing Cindy speak, audiences walk away inspired and equipped with takeaways that include the ripple effect of ownership; how empathy can be a secret weapon of leadership; and how being underestimated can be your greatest competitive advantage, and more. From students to c-suite executives, Cindy is relatable to all kinds of crowds; however, this speech is typically customized and ideal for the following audiences:

  • Sales —Create culture, recruit, build, train and inspire your team
  • Entrepreneurship — Tell your story, perfect the pitch, plan to scale (or build to sell)
  • Healthcare — Stand out in a sea of sameness, challenge the narratives
  • Corporate — Foster an entrepreneurial culture within an established organization
  • College Students — Embrace the workhorse to become the unicorn, overcoming self-doubt, and blazing your own trail
  • Women — Pave a different path and harness the unique abilities women have as leaders
  • Why Book Cindy Whitehead?

  • The New York Times called her pharmaceutical product the drug of a generation and Fortune called her a tireless force of nature. Associates of hers call her unapologetically pink. Cindy Whitehead is a highly regarded women’s health advocate and serial entrepreneur.


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    Cindy Whitehead is a highly regarded entrepreneur, a strong advocate for female entrepreneurship, a pharmaceutical leader and one of the few self-made woman billionaires in history. The New York Times called her pharmaceutical product the “drug of a generation” and Fortune called her a “tireless force of nature.” Associates of hers call her unapologetically pink.

    Over a distinguished 22-year career in healthcare, she started and sold two businesses for more than $1.5 billion. Having co-founded and sold Slate Pharmaceuticals, which redefined long lasting testosterone treatment for men, she launched Sprout Pharmaceuticals immediately thereafter. As Co-Founder & CEO of Sprout, the company broke through with the first ever FDA-approved drug for low sexual desire in women — dubbed “female Viagra” by the media. In 2015, Cindy sold the company for $1b cash. Everyone that was a part of the original Slate was gifted shares in Sprout.

    Cindy’s work has been featured in countless major publications including The New York Times, Fast Company, Financial Times, Vanity Fair, Bloomberg, CNBC, CBS, Fox, Yahoo and on the cover feature of Entrepreneur Magazine. Cindy has been an invited speaker at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women, the Fast Company Innovation Festival, Ad Week, Inc. Magazine, and many more. She is on a mission to speak to as many women as possible about what it takes to achieve breakthrough business success. It’s no surprise that JJ Ramberg, the host of MSNBC’s Your Business says that “Cindy is one of our favorite guests. Though she has reached a level of success as a founder that most can only dream of, she is incredibly relatable and honest about what it takes to run a business. She offers the perfect combination of inspiration and advice and it’s hard to come away from listening to Cindy speak without wanting to hear more.“

    Cindy’s latest mission is to mentor, invest in, launch and build other women led or focused businesses. In 2016, she opened the doors to The Pink Ceiling — a cross between a VC firm, a ‘pinkubator’ and a consulting enterprise — where she is CEO. The Pink Ceiling is currently invested in 7 different companies at various stages of development. In very rare moments Cindy is hard at work trying not to work. But still wearing pink.

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    “When I look back at Cosmopolitan’s marquee event this year, one of the highlights was having Cindy Whitehead there. As the world’s biggest media brand for young women, we work tirelessly to make sure that our live events feature only the smartest, most interesting, dynamic and groundbreaking speakers and Cindy certainly fit that bill!…Cindy’s words about starting a business and advocating for oneself really resonated with our attendees. She’s funny, smart, engaging and gives both practical and inspirational advice with style!”
    --Cosmopolitan and Seventeen

    “Cindy was an engaging and dynamic speaker at our event. She is personable, charismatic, and powerful. We were fortunate to kick things off with Cindy’s keynote, and from start to finish our attendees were encapsulated. Cindy created an electric environment that set the tone for a successful day of programming. We could not speak more highly of Cindy and look forward to featuring her at future events!”
    --Next Gen Summit

    “Cindy is a brilliant, irreverent and passionate advocate for women who speaks practically and frankly about the issues that matter most. Her “been there – done that” story is quite awe inspiring and a slap in the face to those who find comfort in the status quo. All I can say is: Take notes people!“

    “Brace yourselves. When Cindy Whitehead takes the stage, she’s fully prepared to do two things: Drop insider knowledge (while spilling just the right amount of tea), and offer the kinds of indispensable insight that can help anyone move into a market with confidence…Cindy believes in the power of women to shape the business world in ways that improve the lives of everyone. And when she’s done talking, so will you.”
    --Fortune Magazine

    “Cindy Whitehead is an inspirational speaker. Her stories as a female founder about why women should be unapologetic in business are always in the back of my mind as a female entrepreneur! Cindy is a true boss lady!”
    --Business Rockstars

    “Cindy is an inspirational speaker who marries head with heart. She is a wealth of knowledge who uses empathy and candidness to connect with her audience. We loved having her in the Girls’ Lounge, and would recommend her for any speaking event, big or small.”
    --The Female Quotient

    “Having Cindy Whitehead as our 2017 Mentoring Monday keynote speaker was a wonderful way to kick off this event. Cindy’s success story is so inspirational to all women but especially meaningful for this group of local young women seeking advice and direction in their career endeavors. As evidenced by the audience questions to Cindy, we could have made a day of just her story and advice. Maybe next time we will!”

    “Cindy’s success story is fascinating! Her passion for serving and her innovative way of thinking immediately captured our attention. She has a genuine way of being that allowed us to enter into her world. She left us inspired to deliver on our own “big idea” solutions.”

    “Cindy was an amazing speaker and truly packed the C-Suite Perspectives with happy attendees. Our attendees left Inspired from her Professional and Personal Leadership lessons. Cindy is a natural leader who exemplifies wonderful characteristics and leadership.”
    --Raleigh Chamber of Commerce