David Frum

David Frum

High-profile Political Analyst, Senior Editor at The Atlantic & CNN contributor
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Why the American Political System Doesn't Work:
David Frum addresses the notion that our political system cannot survive in the current volatile and extreme worlds of Right and Left. American politics is not a game to be played with every weapon in the room, yet that has become the norm. How do we come together and do the business of American poltics the way it was intended? Frum inspires audiences to challenge previously-held demonstrations of political and policy allegiances - and delivers it in a way that leaves audiences wanting to address our broken political system.

How to Restore the GOP Majority:
Since 1988, Republicans have been losing the support of college graduates and working women. How did this happen? What can be done to bring back these important voting blocks? Frum offers a four-point plan to regain these voters and more, for a modernized GOP.

Real Problems, Real Solutions: Transformative Ideas for Today's Political Landscape:
Today's world is full of complicated problems that need real, workable solutions. From healthcare to climate change, and from the China trade deficit to restoring the United States' economic might, conservatives must offer innovative new solutions, that not only solve problems, but ignite voters. Frum offers his practical ideas for solving this century's most challenging issues.

Repair, Not Repeal: The Practical Way to Healthcare Reform that Works
Republican politicians talk of repealing the newly enacted healthcare program, but a repeal would result in impractical governance and impossible politics. Instead, David Frum offers specific and practical ideas for fixing healthcare reform in order to reduce costs, support economic growth, and empower individuals, not bureaucrats.


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As America braces for the presidential election, one political speaker's voice stands out, rising above the rhetoric. The message is clear: The American political system isn't working. And the man behind that message? David Frum.

The Senior Editor of The Atlantic and a CNN contributor, Frum’s fresh message and sensible solutions to fix a fractured American political system resonate with audiences. A longtime Washington insider – as former special assistant to President Bush and senior foreign policy adviser to Rudy Giuliani – uniquely positions him to provide expert analyses. Whether it's the crisis inside the Republican Party, or the largest expansion of government in recent history, or the perils of a teetering economy, Frum pinpoints the causes of critical issues to the fallout of a political system gone wrong.

Frum's connections to the inner workings of Washington land him guest appearances on FOX News and the BBC. He also contributes to the editorial pages of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. He is the author of eight books, including his most recent, the e-book Why Romney Lost.

One of Frum's most powerful speech topics, "Why the American Political System Doesn't Work" introduces the notion of reforming American political institutions and challenges audience members to reassess their own political strategies. He doesn't suggest anyone change political beliefs, just the means used to espouse them. This year, the voice of David Frum is the voice your audience will talk about long afterward.

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