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Paid to Think
This program is based on David’s findings over the span of 20 years of working with decision makers around the globe and from his one-on-one interviews with 1600 successful leaders and managers.

Forecasting: Harnessing the Power of Future-Focused Decision Making
In this program, David Goldsmith shares the same forecasting techniques he uses to accurately forecast the opportunities and challenges for clients in a wide range of industries.

The Art of Science of Competitive Intelligence
David Goldsmith shares his proven competitive intelligence model that decision makers in profits, nonprofits, government, military and education can use to structure the CI process, and in return, gain accurate data, be able to forecast more precisely, and make better strategic decisions.

Rethinking Leadership and Management
This message helps audience members shake off self-limiting thinking and open their eyes to new approaches they will want to use to solve challenges and create opportunities.

Win By A Nose, Lose By A Nose
David Goldsmith will elevate the audience’s perspective to the 50,000-foot leadership view, where participants will learn to see organizational-wide opportunities and solutions beyond any single department, individual, or activity.

Redefining Your Future
Audience members learn the four words that accelerate forward action, how to avoid the mistakes that most people make when addressing challenges, and how to make better decisions every day.

Winning in the 21st Century
This program is a mini version of David Goldsmith’s 42-hour-long New York University program, where participants walk away with practical and proven concepts as well as this essential tool so that they can adeptly manage the product/service-development process, minimize risk, increase success, and transform their organizations.

The Secrets and Strategies of Empowering Others
David Goldsmith arms participants with a step-by-step model to empowering others that contains the strategies, tactics, tools and tips every decision maker needs to reach their goals faster, to eliminate common but preventable headaches and “surprises,” and to generate great returns.

The Advantages of Thinking Global
David Goldsmith teaches participants how to develop a broader approach to thinking, how to adapt their current strategies and tactics to maximize their effectiveness, and how to open the fire hose of global opportunities by making simple changes throughout their organizations.

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Leadership and management expert David Goldsmith is a consultant, advisor, New York University professor, speaker, telecast host, and author of more than 500 published articles on topics such as strategy, technology, new product development, marketing, customer service, innovation, and forecasting to name a few. He is co-founder and President of MetaMatrix Consulting Group LLC based in Syracuse, NY.

Named by Successful Meetings Magazine as one of the speaking industry’s Top 26 Hottest Speakers, David is known for delivering industry-customized presentations that are rich in content by using a proprietary approach he calls Consulting from the Stage™. Each presentation is built by combining pre-program research with David’s experience so that audiences receive practical and transferable solutions from every presentation.

David was awarded NYU’s Outstanding Professor of the Year award for the development and teaching of two core courses: Mastering Innovation through New Product and Service Development and a management strategy course called Enterprise Thinking®. The latter is based on David’s holistic approach to leadership and management, Enterprise Thinking®, which is the basis for his book, Paid to Think™, due out in 2011.

David hosts two telecast series—the Institute of Management Consultants’ Consultapalooza and the New York National Speakers’ Association telecast series—through which he has had the privilege of interviewing some of today’s most innovative thinkers and leaders to educate both consultants and speakers on a global scale.

David holds an MBA from Syracuse University. His business history includes co-founding and operating nine companies in a wide range of industries. In 1999 he sold his 14-year-old textile-decorating facility to a national promotional products corporation with over 400 franchise locations. David has received a number of prestigious awards for his professional and community achievements such as The Citizens Foundation of Central New York’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Central New York 40 under 40 Leadership Award. David’s accomplishments have appeared in media around the world, including Bloomberg Media, The New York Times, the Japanese version of Entrepreneur Magazine, and the Financial Times.

His expertise has been sought by clients such as Wipro, Colonial Life, Harley Davidson, Johnson and Johnson, the Wharton School of Business, Lufthansa, Infosys Technologies, and the US government.

David’s professional and civic contributions have earned him a place on the board of directors of a number of organizations. He is a co-founder of the New York Chapter of NSA that under his term grew from 5 members to over 1000, and currently serves on the national board of directors of the Institute of Management Consultants.

He resides in Manlius, NY with his wife and two sons.

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