David Miln Smith

David Miln Smith, PhD

Adventurer as Coach, Challenge the Limits
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  • The Spirit of Adventure for Continuing Education
  • Catch a Second Wind - Gain Momentum
  • Master the Tools of Change
  • Break Personal & Professional Barriers
  • Adventure Challenge - Teambuilding program


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David Miln Smith, PhD is internationally renowned for taking on world class challenges. A trailblazer and innovator, he explores what is beyond social, psychological, and physical horizons and provides maps to previously uncharted territory. As a master storyteller, he weaves from experience to teach, motivate, inspire, and entertain with tales of kayaking in the Nile and solo trekking across the Sahara Desert and the High Atlas Mountains.

Few others have had the wide variety and diversity of athletic adventures in the most exotic and sacred place on the planet. His career as an adventurer and humanist spans over three decade to discover, experience, and embrace the highest and best of the human spirit. His ability to put his life on the line makes him an authority on managing fear and overcoming self-imposed limits. He inspires audiences with skill-building tactics and excitement to meet new challenges with courage and confidence.

David has the following distinctions:

  • England’s “The Spirit of Ecstasy” for the Personification of Mind and Body
  • International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
  • Adventurer of the Year (twice)
  • Design for NBC Sports World “Survival of the Fittest” event
  • Membership in The Explorers Club
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