Gary Tietjen

Gary Tietjen

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Gary Tietjen (prounounced tee-jen) has been motivating and educating audiences for over a decade. He has a vast background including over 25 years in cable and radio advertising sales and management. He’s been a radio on-air personality, a copywriter, a producer…and he’s worked retail.

Gary has conducted numerous high impact trainings on a variety of topics for management, sales executives and TV producers. He has planned national meetings, workshops and seminars. Gary has participated on various committees ranging from technology to sales strategies.

Gary’s talks are very informative, fast paced and humorous. His goal is to make you think, embrace new ideas, focus on success and come away a better person. Whether its leadership, motivation or sales skills, Gary will deliver a message with professionalism and passion. In fact, Gary wants you to unlock your inner passion to reveal your true success!

Gary, his four children and wife, Terry, live on Long Island. He continues as an active member of The Boy Scouts of America and has served in numerous leadership posts for the past 17 years.

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"Good message to employees while keeping it entertaining. Had some fun but got important point across to our employees."
--NBT-Mang Insurance Agency