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Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry

Leading Authority on the Impact of Emotions on Performance
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Performing Under Pressure: The Science Of Emotional Intelligence
Why do smart people fail? Why do technically brilliant individuals have trouble managing others and collaborating on a team? What they lack is a critical level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the ability to manage their emotions and others when they are under pressure.

In the EI program, you will learn the research and brain science of emotional intelligence, enabling you to lead teams more effectively and increase your own performance. You will become a student of human behavior: understanding what your brain does under pressure and how that affects your decision making and your impact on others.

This program will teach you the brain science of Emotional Intelligence and strategies to manage your emotions so you can be at your best in your most difficult moments.

Performing Under Pressure: Doing Your Best When It Matters Most
Nobody performs better under pressure. Regardless of the task, pressure ruthlessly diminishes our judgment, decision-making, attention, dexterity and performance in every professional and personal arena. In this program, you will be introduced to the concept of pressure management, offering the latest science on how your brain responds under pressure, and many empirically tested strategies to help you overcome the sabotaging effects of pressure.

The content and research for this program is based on the New York Times Bestselling book, Performing Under Pressure, co-authored by Dr. Pawliw-Fry. This program provides insight into how pressure impacts the cognitive part of your brain. Using this insight, you will learn proven strategies to enable you to perform your best when is matters most.

Performing Under Pressure: The Three Conversations of Leadership
People want to build strong relationships with their managers, teams, and peers: they want to bring their ideas and concerns to the table regardless of who is in the room. To achieve this, difficult conversations need to take place. Unfortunately, under the pressure to drive results, people often forget the importance of building trust; they avoid the conversation entirely or they ignore the Last 8% of the ConversationTM.

What is the Last 8% of the Conversation? At the end, when the pressure increases, many people avoid (sometimes unknowingly) the last and most important part of the conversation – the part that really needs to be said.

This program will arm you with insights and communication strategies to have conversations that drive results and get to that last 8%, even in pressure filled moments.

Why Book JP Pawliw-Fry ?

  • He is an expert in developing and delivering unique training programs in emotional intelligence to a wide variety of audiences.

  • He illustrates that as a leader you have the power to unleash the best performance in your people through emotion.

  • A thought leader on the subject of leadership, performance and managing change, he has coached athletes to Olympic glory.

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    An internationally renowned thought leader on the subject of leadership, performance and managing under pressure, JP is one of the highest rated lecturers at the prestigious Kellogg School of Management's Executive Education Program. He now acts as an advisor to numerous Fortune 100 companies, including long-term relationships with Johnson and Johnson, PWC, Goldman Sachs, HSBC as well as Olympic medal winning athletes.

    JP's training includes Harvard Medical School's Mind/Body Medical Institute. Every year, JP speaks with individuals and leaders on over five continents, helping them to improve their overall performance. He is an expert in performing wonderfully under pressure and is one of the world's most highly sought-after keynote speakers on the topic.

    JP is the author of the upcoming book “Performing Under Pressure” from Crown Publishing. He melds innovative research with powerful inspiration to create thought-provoking and moving keynote presentations. An expert in performing under pressure, he is one of the world's most highly sought-after speakers on the topic.

    Formerly, JP taught executive education at Queen's University Executive Development Center as well as the Kellogg Graduate School of Management (ranked number one, worldwide). He is now a contributing member of IHHP's research team, a group that brings rigor to understanding what allows some leaders', individuals or organizations to perform more effectively under pressure to drive meaningful results on how they can ‘be their best when it matters most'.

    J.P. has coached or worked with senior leaders at a number of Fortune 100 companies as well as Olympic and NBA coaches, US Army and Navy, the CIA to name a few.

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    "I do not say this lightly - the most powerful keynote I have ever heard. JP was charged with setting the tone for the rest of the week - he clearly over-delivered."

    "Best keynote presentation I have been to in years! Very different than the usual: extremely interesting and powerful - yet highly entertaining. It is not often I hear someone who can really 'put it together'."
    --Ernst & Young

    "Fantastic! Very leading edge thinking. JP has huge energy and passion. Our leadership team couldn't get enough of him - I could listen to him all day!"

    "Simply the best program we have ever heard - critical information that will make a difference."
    --US Navy