Jason Young

Jason Young

Former SOUTHWEST Airlines Senior-level Training Manager, President of Leadsmart, Inc, Authority in Leadership Development
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CULTURE: The Rise of Shaping Organizational Culture
What is becoming clear is that a positive, thriving organizational culture most often translates into high employee engagement. However, targeting engagement while ignoring organizational culture can result in short-sighted solutions that do little to make real changes that employees care about. But what is organizational culture, and how exactly can you change it? Therein lies the good news and the bad news. The good news is organizational culture is many things, and it's everywhere; there are many things you can do to shape and evolve culture. The bad news is that culture can't be forced, bought, or spun. It must be authentically shaped over time.

LEADERSHIP: How to Cultivate an 'Entrepreneurial Spirit'
In Find Your Extraordinary: Dream Bigger, Live Happier, and Achieve Success on Your Own Terms, Stella & Dot CEO Jessica Herrin shares her unconventional journey toward an extraordinary life through entrepreneurship. In the following book excerpt, Herrin shares what she calls the 6 P's of the "entrepreneurial spirit" to achieve success in business and live a happy life.

MANAGEMENT: 'Smarter, Faster, Better': The New Science of Productivity
Why are some people so much more productive than others? How can we increase our own productivity? A new book by New York Times reporter and bestselling author Charles Duhigg mines recent scientific findings for the answers. In the following book review, Knowledge@Wharton shares highlights from Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business.

LEADERSHIP: Five Habits Of People Who Get Promoted To Leadership
Are you one step away from a senior leadership role? The secret to getting over the line and being promoted to that new leadership level can be one simple thing: giving yourself permission to lead. People are often told that in order to move to their next level they need to "work on their leadership." Except that, confusingly, the feedback they get on how they lead people and teams is already positive. Here are five behaviors to increase your likelihood of promotion to your next level of leadership.

SOCIAL MEDIA: 7 Traits Of Highly Influential Leaders
Without question, the world of work today runs on social media in some shape or form. It has changed the nature of work, play, friendship, commerce, romance -- the list goes on and on. Where to begin? For leaders, social media is an extraordinary tool. It enables new levels of communication and community. It establishes an immediate connection between a leader and people. It runs in real time. And it creates a dialogue and a forum that can lead to increased productivity, unity, and profits.

COMMUNICATION: Workplace Communication: How to Avoid Screwing It Up
Human language separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. But too often, we respond to the wag of a dog's tail instead of the message given by the CEO. There is a breakdown in workplace communication. Here are five sure-fire ways to get a message across, remembered, and repeated.

CULTURE: Five Ways Leaders Bridge The Generational Divide
Those of us in HR and Leadership roles have seen too many walls go up between the different generations. There's mistrust and unease all around. The Millennials consider the Boomers a bunch of old fogeys. The Xers feel caught between. Boomers can be condescending and closed-minded. And who suffers most because of this generational dysfunction? The organization! Performance and profits. For leaders the challenge is clear: get everyone on the same page/screen.

Why Book Jason Young?

  • Author of ‘Culturetopia' and ‘Servicetopia’.

  • He offers a unique approach to creating and sustaining high performance culture where employees do their best work and customers are satisfied.

  • Jason is an expert at integrating your meeting objectives into powerful and compelling, easy to understand presentations that motivate any audience.

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    Jason Young has been called a “rare breed” when it comes to developing leaders and customer service initiatives. As a former senior-level manager at Southwest Airlines, Jason learned the value of a successful workplace culture. During his 10-years with the airline consistently rated No. 1 in customer service and employee satisfaction, he was a key driver in creating and developing the company’s innovative training programs for its successful leadership and customer service culture that have become renowned in the business world today.

    Driven by the need to extend his unique insight in leadership development to others outside Southwest, Jason separated from the pack in 1998, when he left the airline to launch his own consulting practice to focus on corporate training and development services provider specializing in leadership, customer service and team building. Today, as president of LeadSmart, Inc., Jason shares his vision in developing successful corporate cultures and workplace environments with forward-thinking companies, including Starbucks, Radio Shack, Coca Cola and Tyson Foods, to name just a few. He has even returned to his old turf – Southwest Airlines – to extend his knowledge as a corporate training consultant in leadership development area once again. He has even captured his philosophy of creating high performance cultures in his recent book, The Culturetopia Effect.

    Capturing the innovative strategies and tactics he created at Southwest Airlines, Jason offers insights and practical information that can be implemented immediately. His keynote presentations and training programs are in demand for audiences of all types – from senior level executives to front line employees. Jason’s messages reach to the core of every audience member with his unique style and engaging presentation skills. Participants are treated to a compelling experience that will change the way they view themselves, their customers and the company for which they work.

    Jason’s keynote and workshop presentations are designed to reinforce the concepts and skills geared to increase learning and assist in the transition from the meeting room to the workplace. The result is an inspirational encounter that resonates long after his presentation is over.

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    "Jason was excellent! He hit it out of the park”
    --Relax the Back

    "Thanks Jason for the very practical, enlightening and well presented program. The insightful information you presented was done in a way that our folks can actually put it to use in their individual lives.”
    --Tyson Foods

    “Jason’s motivational style was entertaining as well as educational. The group left the meeting fully energized and excited to be providing the leadership that will create an associate-driven, high-performing, customer-focused environment within the competitive healthcare business.”
    --Hays Medical Center

    “Every single person in attendance was greatly touched by the eye-opening presentation that you gave and the insightful and educational stories you told. You brought new meaning and understanding to the relationships that we have with each other, our friends and our families.”
    --Production Group International

    "Jason was the perfect keynote for the time slot. It was just after lunch and Jason had the right balance of good information and humor. The group really enjoyed the presentation."
    --CSC Network

    "Jason was energetic, funny, and knew the subject matter well. He had our entire group genuinely engaged in the presentation. We enjoyed having him speak at our conference and are happy that we decided to go with him. Excellent!!"
    --Brookings Area Human Resources

    "We spoke a few weeks before the presentation about what our challenges were and what I was hoping to hit on. Jason tailored the presentation to hit on the points we talked about. He was very energetic and engaging using stories to illustrate the lessons. He was very engaging."
    --VCA, Inc.