Jay Forte

Jay Forte

Powerful Performance Speaker, Consultant, Talent Strategist and Author
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How to Invite, Incite and Ignite Employee Performance
In Jay’s signature program, he presents the step-by-step approach, know as the Fire Up! ProcessSM, to help managers of all experience levels, learn how to invite, incite and ignite exceptional employee performance. This results in greater employee engagement, customer loyalty and company results.

Three, Two, One … Contact™
Jay’s most interactive program, Three, Two, One… Contact™, introduces the three things to be considered before making contact with anyone (method, mood, message) to craft the right “verbal, vocal and visual” message, matched to the right audience, to ensure the right contact.

So, How Am I Doing? The Power of Performance Feedback
This program can create an overnight improvement in your feedback and employee-manager communication.

Stand Out and Get Hired
In Jay’s program for job seekers and those looking to change jobs, he presents a new and effective way to identify talents, the jobs that need particular talents and then how to present oneself in a more competitive way using the new Talent-Based Resume.

Show Up, Step Up, and Stand Out
This high-energy and no-excuse approach to extraordinary service is what creates customer loyalty and drives significant results. Be part of the fun, learn new tools, and drive the best results.


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Originally trained as a CPA and identified as #74 of the top 100 Thought Leaders of 2007 by Leadership Excellence, Jay Forte has more than 20 years of teaching adults with a focus on skills that maximize personal and professional performance. He has developed instructional methods that have been specifically designed for adult learners.

A passionate seasoned professional speaker, and a highly creative and innovative program leader, Jay keeps the attention of his audiences and clients with dynamic and animated activities, high impact material and practical solutions to current business, management and customer issues. He is a firm believer in the theory that “those who are talking and participating are learning,” therefore, much of his programs and keynotes actively involve the audience or class. Through props, music, activities and his highly effective instructional method known as IDEAS, he assures that learning is practical, interesting and fun. At the heart of all great performance is an active mind, open to learning and inventing; Jay energizes each learner into larger views and more dynamic perspectives.

A prolific author, Jay has published over 2 dozen articles in the areas of millennial management, employee performance, coaching, mentoring, strategy, customer service and STAND OUT living. He has been published in over 50 different periodicals, magazines, newsletters and on-line formats and has been a guest on business talk radio programs. He is working on his first book titled, Fire Up Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition: How to Invite, Incite and Ignite Performance.

He is a member of the ASTD (American Society of Training and Development), SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management), ISPI (International Society of Performance Improvement), NSA (National Speakers Association) and the FSA (Florida Speakers Association).

Practical, results-oriented, fun and outrageous…Jay always provides a new way to STAND OUT and to move the needle of performance.

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