Kevin Lacz

Former Navy SEAL and Co-Star of American Sniper
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Behind American Sniper:
Real-life accounts and behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Former Navy SEAL Sniper Kevin Lacz

Risk vs Reward:
Kevin Lacz’s journey from struggling student to commended Navy SEAL by learning to take, mitigate, and overcome risks

Why book Kevin Lacz?

  • With anecdotal stories about his service as a Navy SEAL, Kevin discusses how companies can take, mitigate, and overcome risks while performing at a high level.
  • Kevin demonstrates what it takes to be a leader and what to learn about leadership from the Navy SEALs.
  • Being a real team: Kevin guides through how to work together as a team to accomplish goal(s).
  • Kevin discusses what it was like being a friend, teammate and serving alongside of “The Legend” Chris Kyle.


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    Kevin “Dauber” Lacz is a former Navy SEAL sniper, breacher, and combat medic who served in Iraq with real-life American Sniper Chris Kyle. As SEAL Technical Advisor on Clint Eastwood’s film adaptation, Kevin helped the actors accurately portray Navy SEALs—teaching them to mimic the laser-like focus and steadfast determination that were rigorously engrained in Lacz and Kyle as members of the country’s most elite special ops command force. Working closely with Bradley Cooper in particular, who portrays Kyle in the film, Kevin not only helped him move, shoot, and act like a SEAL, but to also understand the man Chris Kyle was. After a short time working together, Bradley convinced Kevin that he should play himself in the movie; Eastwood gladly brought Kevin onboard, proud to have someone on screen who intimately knew both the film’s events and its hero. The Oscar-winning film garnered six nominations in 2015—including Best Picture and Best Actor (Bradley Cooper).

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    Kevin was beyond perfect. He was well received by the team and ended the meeting in a strongly positive way. He was approachable and engaging.
    --Johnson & Johnson, VP, CSA

    Kevin Lacz was genuine and articulate. His story of resilience and balancing taking risks was presented well and in a manner our attendees responded to.
    --SVP, Corporate Communications

    I have goosebumps just thinking about the night-everyone was captivated by his message. In fact, the man that gave the gift of our speaker series, said that it was the best forum he has ever been to.
    --Tower Hill School, History Department Chair

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