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Quest for Your Best
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Off-The-Chart Leadership Results
Learn how to achieve multiple concurrent results, ask the right questions, set direction, know the difference between leading and managing, create action plans, face challenges, gain desired rewards, and achieve fulfillment. Comes with two assessments--Leadership Self-Management and Leadership Cycle Management.

The Change Game: How to Win at Every Turn
Learn the four stages of the change cycle, how to anticipate change, get unstuck, and be prepared for the unknown. You will learn how to create order out of chaos, use effective communication tools, and implement proven strategies that provide strength and control in rapid change.

Quest For Your Best: Achieving Excellence in Chaos and Change
Discover the road map for personal and professional excellence: inspiring a shared vision, getting unstuck, using appropriate resources, communicating with clarity and speed, reducing risk, solving problems, overcoming resistance, and finding rewards that motivate continual excellence.

10 Tyrannies of Our Time: And What You Can Do to Get Out From Under
Learn how to conquer the tyranny of speed, idle talk, moreness, the learning cure, fear, perpetual planning, perfectionism, sacred cows, rising expectations, lost time, nonstop change, and technology. Straight tools and tips delivered for survival in a fast-paced world.

Billions of Customers: Creating Customer Advocates
Learn the four stages that turn prospects into advocates who sing your praises. Advocates build a "free" sales team that spread your word. Learn how to listen, respond, and resolve explicit and implied problems, use the telephone for maximum service, eliminate customer obstacles, and maximize "moments of truth."

Soaring Sales: Achieving Blockbuster Sales Results
Learn how to set "stretch" goals, utilize limited sales resources, eliminate "No," use two words guaranteed to increase sales, face challenges enthusiastically, gain multiple results, sell more in less time, 76 ways to build a straight referral business, and manage sales time/territory.

The Everyday Jackpot: Stress Management for Winning Your Vitality, Balance, and Meaning in Life
Discover the secrets of lining up the three most important areas of life so that you can feel like a winner everyday. Learn how to be actively calm, juggle the components of a balanced life, use six RX's for managing stress, eat for energy, guide self-motivation, prevent job burnout, manage multiple "A" priorities, end the do-it-all syndrome, and 30 time-saving tips for winning everyday.

Time Management for Results: Achieving Mastery Over Time
Learn three stages of managing time, set result-driven missions/goals, implement three techniques for managing multiple "A" priorities, eliminate the 10 biggest time wasters, utilize six criteria for efficiency, reduce stress, achieve work-life balance, schedule activities for maximum results, manage paperwork over-load, use organizational solutions, and allocate time for all you want to achieve.


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Riveting, astounding, and WOW!” are reviews that describe Lorna Riley's, dynamic, high-content, and motivating programs. Winner of the "Consummate Speaker Award," Lorna's sessions are infused with humor, stories, and wisdom that inspire audiences to leave charged-up, refreshed, and ready to implement new ideas that produce immediate, proven results.

Her content is based on knowledge used to increase productivity by 600%, 15 years of personal research, 45 years of Gallup research of over 80,000 managers in 400 companies and over one billion customers. Work experiences include sales executive, sales trainer, business owner, classical pianist, teacher, computer graphic artist, insurance adjuster, retail marketer, administrator, marketing director, published author, and banking officer. This diversity has given her a unique perspective on the common denominators of success that she shares internationally.

Lorna has earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation, an honored classification held by less than 8% of speakers. Winner of four productivity awards, Lorna has created powerful assessments for sales groups, leaders, managers, and staff to determine current levels of productivity, giving the option of programs ranging from one hour to extended training. Repeat performances are testimony to those who say she is the most energetic, inspiring, and bottom-line speaker they’ve experienced.

Author of five books, three audio albums, 60 training programs, Lorna is a frequent contributor to trade publications, and featured in national magazines, radio, and TV.

Here’s what some of the great business leaders are saying about her sales book:

Brian Tracy--“…an extraordinary program, crammed full of powerful, practical, proven methods - Wow!"

Tom Hopkins--“using these ideas you’ll never have to prospect again.”

Jay Conrad Levinson--"…a brilliant marketing context…”

Jim Cathcart--“Lorna Riley shows you how to make your business grow almost on autopilot.”

Dr. Tony Alessandra “…loaded with practical ideas that should increase your business significantly!”

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