Nancy Hightshoe

Nancy Hightshoe

Police Detective Who Changed the System, Safety Expert
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The Lady is a Cop!
As a police officer and later as a detective, she had the opportunity to observe life at a very intense, very REAL, very intimate level. Nancy shares stories of humor, courage and creative answers in dangerous, sometimes life-threatening, situations. She learned that people, who have lived through a traumatic event of this magnitude, do not hide behind the polite barriers so many of us have erected around ourselves. In a gentle and warmly optimistic manner, Nancy encourages her audience to live their dreams to the fullest TODAY - for, truly, this moment is all each of us really has.

Charisma-Developing Your Leadership Abilities
This presentation addresses the qualities of a leader...loyalty, integrity, creating a vision, and maintaining a high level of energy that focuses on goals which foster and support that vision. This seminar explores how to develop these qualities in program participants and how to encourage these traits in the individuals with whom they interact.

The Competitive Edge
In life, the difference between the Winners and the Losers is frequently a collection of often-repeated actions which stand in the way of success. The Law of the Slight Edge states that you do not have to work twice as hard to be twice as good as you currently are or as your competition is. It's the little bit extra, done on a consistent basis, that makes the difference.

Integrity—The Cornerstone of Your Success
For any organization to be effective, it must have earned the reputation of being worthy of trust. This trust is built by the day-to-day actions, both momentous and commonplace, of each member of that organization. Scrutiny is focused on legal and professional issues as well as personal conduct due to the public’s attention of scandals in business. Each individual's code of ethics forms the framework upon which all decisions are based.

The Wind Beneath Your Wings
In today's competitive markets, relationships with customers are more important than ever before. They are based on credibility. Businesses which are perceived as offering a high-caliber product and whose employees demonstrate high integrity and a commitment to service establish powerful client loyalty. These organizations' reward is reflected in higher morale and in an increased bottom line.

Meeting the Challenge of Change
When faced with the enormous task of effecting a sweeping change, the proactive approach is to identify its impact on managers, staff, and rank-and-file employees. The next step is to develop a program to teach these individuals the skills necessary to effectively work through the disruption and problems occurring during the changeover. This is a seminar which can help organizations do this in specific, time-tested ways.

Developing Synergy—Thriving During Challenge and Change
In this presentation, Nancy discusses three basic types of relationships in professional situations. The two negative relationships, self destructive and static, and the most positive, synergistic. You will discover how synergistic relationships are best because their efforts are successful and productive therefore individuals tend to reinvest their energy and time into these professional situations.

Conflict Management—Building Customer Loyalty
Viewed as an opportunity to clarify issues, a conflict can be the stepping stone to developing creative solutions to shared challenges. Handled creatively, conflict will help you exceed your goals and expectations. Effective conflict management skills will allow you to develop synergistic relationships and powerful teams.

Effective Business Presentations—Selling Yourself and Your Ideas to Others
The ability to competently deliver effective presentations is an essential skill for professionals, whether called on to present information before the Board of Directors, the press, business associates, mediators, professional organizations or potential clients. The goal of this program is to provide the tools which will develop each participant into a self-confident speaker who is persuasive, composed and in control of any situation.

Communication—Unlocking Your Hidden Potential
There is a major difference between communicating and manipulating. This program emphasizes that critical difference and teaches skills to communicate effectively. Efficient, focused communication is particularly important during periods of change or challenge and in high-tension situations which are regularly encountered in the business world.


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Dedicated to presenting programs designed to meet your needs, Nancy Hightshoe is an accomplished speaker, coach and consultant. She is an expert in:

  • Professional and Personal Effectiveness
  • Safety, Security and Survival

    Her experience includes both a career as a police officer and detective and an entrepreneur. As a speaker, consultant and coach, Nancy’s programs have a foundation of personal courage and responsibility. Her accomplishments include:

  • Has spoken for businesses, government agencies, associations and schools throughout the United States and in 17 foreign countries
  • Successful Entrepreneur and Corporate Consultant
  • Business and Life Strategies Coach
  • On-camera expert for St. Louis NBC affiliate
  • Media spokesperson for a Fortune 100 corporation
  • Author of numerous articles on business and safety topics
  • Master’s Degree in Human Relations and in The Administration of Justice
  • One of the first female beat patrol officers in the nation
  • Designed the St. Louis County Sexual Assault Investigative Unit
  • As a detective, cleared 85% of her cases: the national average is 49%
  • Named to the World Who’s Who of Women

    She has also received the Giraffe Project Commendation, "whose courageous actions illumine all our lives making manifest the Truth that people who believe in themselves and care for others can meet any challenge life presents."
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