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Workforce Performance: 'Just Enough' . . . Just Ain't Good Enough!™
Let's face it—our budgets reflect it; the customers we serve (both internally and externally) expect it; and the continual improvement process demands it—do more with less! If you are tired of theory-only sessions, this energetic, humorous and content-rich presentation is guaranteed to provide your group with practical knowledge on creating a culture of peak performance and achieving greater results. Neil Dempster will have them laughing one minute and re-thinking their entire management approach the next! The content is based on a success formula he uses to generate phenomenal results in very diverse organizations worldwide. This keynote presentation focuses mainly on the management practices that will create a culture of peak performance.

When a Ship Misses the Harbor, It's Rarely the Harbor's Fault!®
During this high-energy, humorous and thought-provoking presentation, Neil Dempster will draw upon contemporary leadership concepts, research, and anecdotal examples to create a leadership model with the proven capacity to achieve greater results, overcome the challenges inherent in constant change, and fully engage a workforce. Because this keynote presentation focuses on the nuances of leadership, it is not necessary that attendees be in management. As we all know, some of your best leaders may not be in a position of management, yet their informal leadership helps direct your culture.

Grow with the Flow: Becoming a 'Quick-Change' Artist™
Our budgets reflect it; the customers we serve expect it; and the continual improvement process demands it—do more with less! But how do we make this happen when the landscape keeps changing, and when there are endless demands on our time? This fun and thought-provoking presentation is guaranteed to provide each audience member with practical, common-sense knowledge on achieving their goals by concentrating on the ingredients that have the most influence on success. Regardless of the position an individual holds within an organization, everyone needs to grow with the flow and become a quick-change artist to be successful in today's workplace!

Teimwork® . . . Spelled Wrong to Make Teams Right!™
In this interactive, fun and accountability-building presentation, Neil Dempster will provide a team framework that puts the 'I' back into teams (where it belongs!) and generates the individual commitment that make teams work! Teimwork® ... a better way for employees to work together! This keynote presentation focuses mainly on the individual accountability aspects of high-performing teams.

Nothing Succeeds like Failure!™
During this 'immediately-implementable' presentation, Neil Dempster will challenge many assumptions we currently hold about risk-taking that keep us from achieving the levels of success necessary to attain/maintain competitive advantage. You will discover why organizations like NASA use Neil's course correction and nothing succeeds like failure methods to help them innovate faster than the speed of change. This keynote presentation focuses on creating the mindset necessary to embrace risk-taking.


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Neil Dempster is a student of the behavioral components of success—how to achieve peak performance in a changing world. His keynote speeches have been the highlight of association meetings, conferences, and company functions around the world. He is the author of several comprehensive training programs that have been delivered to tens of thousands of managers, leaders and employees in diverse organizations.

Neil's energetic, humorous and highly motivational delivery style consistently inspires audiences to explore all the possibilities of personal and professional growth. Whether delivering a keynote speech for a conference or meeting, training managers and employees on performance improvement strategies, or consulting with your senior leadership team, he provides an uncanny ability to simplify the complex human behavioral aspects of life and work.

Neil's educational background includes Mechanical Engineering, an MBA and he is currently in the dissertation phase for a PhD in Organizational Psychology. This unique educational blending has earned him the distinction of bringing "logic to soft skills.

But before you think you're in for some dull lecture series-think again! Here's a sampling of Neil's candid (and frequently controversial) views on:

  • LEADERSHIP: "Look behind you; if no one's following ... you're not leading!"
  • MANAGEMENT: "How do I measure a manager's performance? I don't. I just measure the performance of the manager's direct reports—that tells me everything I need to know!"
  • PERFORMANCE: "What is your true performance standard? The lowest level you are willing to accept! So, if you don't like what you are getting, it's your own fault!" (Sorry, but it's the truth!)
  • TEAMWORK: "If you think there's no 'I' in team, look around. Teams are made up of what? I's! (Individuals). It's time we acknowledge that it's individual commitment to the team effort that make teams work!"
  • EMPLOYEE MINDSET: "Today, it's not about being employed; it's about being employable! Those who understand the difference control their future!"

    Neil speaks from a lifetime of experiences in the trenches and from within the corporate boardroom. He was the #2 ranked sales producer in the world for a Fortune 100 office products company and later became a successful senior manager in the same organization. He left to become CEO of a unique start-up opportunity in the telecommunications industry; during his tenure the organization became a market leader in a half-dozen product categories winning virtually every industry award possible.

    Today, as one of the founding partners of Clearview Performance Systems, he is able to use his expertise in achieving extraordinary employee performance to benefit diverse organizations all over the world. He brings high-impact methods, practical recommendations and personal commitment to every human performance challenge.
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