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Nicholas Webb

World Renowned Thought Leader, Author, Speaker & Futurist
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In the old days, innovation happened slowly and methodically. But in today’s hyper connected economy organizations are being blindsided by disruptive innovators who’ve learned how to leverage consumer insights and connection architecture to rule the day. Unfortunately, many organizations are simply waiting for the next shoe to drop… Bad idea! The new breed of hackers, makers and breakers are looking for weaknesses in technologies, products and even delivery models. Today’s leader needs to learn:

Why disruptive innovation will make or break your enterprise
How connection architecture drives the best businesses in the world
How digital ubiquity will change everything
How to anticipate the future by following the “Four Future Shifts”
How to build an enterprise culture of innovation
All of our innovation talks our 100% customized to address current needs, problems and opportunities within your enterprise and your industry.

Innovation SuperStar® Executive Development

Healthcare is the subject of massive disruptive innovation. Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical delivery models and literally everything across the entire healthcare ecosystem is rapidly being destroyed. Clinical visits are being replaced by low-cost and convenient apps that leverage game mechanics and socialization. Connection architecture now rules the day and most clinical models have become defunct. In fact, clinical visits will be cut in half in just the next few years and as much as 20% of US hospitals will be bankrupt by 2020. Pharmaceuticals will be replaced with wearable technologies and real time bio monitoring will become the norm. No matter where you live across the healthcare ecosystem you need to know:

How to use future casting to develop scenario plans that will guarantee your place in a very new healthcare future
How connection architecture must become one of your core competencies
What is Wave III and what it means to your future
The massive shift from treatment centric models to prevention models
Why you need to become a disruptive innovator
All of our healthcare talks our 100% customized to address current needs, problems and opportunities within your enterprise and your industry.

There are many complex variables about the future of technology. But there are several known hard trends that we have aggregated to help organizations see how technology will drive their future. In this powerful keynote, Nicholas talks about the effect of digital ubiquity, 3-D printing, drones, nanotechnology and other enabling factors such as crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, open innovation and the power of hyper influential social networks that leverage game mechanics and socialization. This jaw-dropping presentation will bring your executive team up to speed.

Beyond the Internet of things – learn about the effect of digital ubiquity
How 3-D printing will change everything
The power of the crowd
Consumers as a node type
Why you need to be a connection architect
The future of everything
All of our technology talks our 100% customized to address current needs, problems and opportunities within your enterprise and your industry.

Most executives are relying on millennial stakeholders to help them stay on track with emerging technologies. Unfortunately, the new leader must understand the trajectory of change as it relates to technology, social communities, connection architecture and disruptive innovation. Leaders cannot lead what they do not understand. In this powerful keynote you will learn.

How to attract and keep the almighty millennial talent
How to create an innovation culture
The new market comprised of social communities not market segments
Understanding how to engineer the consumer experience
How enterprise social networks drive 40% better returns on strategy
Engaging stakeholders using game mechanics and socialization
How to lead into the future
All of our leadership talks our 100% customized to address current needs, problems and opportunities within your enterprise and your industry.

In the hypercompetitive marketplace organizations need to maximize their yield and productivity. Historically this productivity was in the form of putting bolts into chassis. Today productivity is about innovation and connection architecture. The innovation mandate requires that your organization create new experiences, environments, relationships and networks. In this powerful keynote you’ll learn.

How to attract millennial talent
How to build an innovation culture
How to create creative spaces
How to rewire your organization for off-site stakeholders
How to leverage enterprise social networks to drive engagement and productivit

All of our the new workforce talks our 100% customized to address current needs, problems and opportunities within your enterprise and your industry.


As a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) working with Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years Nicholas has a range of custom talks in the following areas:

  • Customer Experience
  • Consumer Insights
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Work Life Balance


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Nicholas Webb is one of the country’s top business thought leaders. As a Senior Partner at Lassen Scientific, Inc. Nicholas works with Fortune 500 companies throughout the world to help them lead their industries in innovation and strategy. Unlike many consultants, Nicholas is no theorist. He has been awarded over 45 patents by the US patent and trademark office for breakthrough technologies including one of the world’s smallest medical implants to a wide range of industrial, consumer and one of the first wearable technologies. He is known by many as the “Innovation Evangelist” he speaks around the world on the future of the economy, innovation, technology, leadership and healthcare.

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"Nicholas really connected with our audience at SDL Innovate. He did a great job in preparation, and the audience could really understand how his message on how ‘hackers’ are reinventing the customer experience. It was a perfect motivator to get people to re- think how they connect and engage customers. Great job!"
--Global Marketing, SDL

"Nick Webb's ability to visualize and articulate disruptive and continuous innovations that are likely to transform a traditionally slow to adapt pharma industry stirred the anxiety emotions within the executive audience during the Avoca Quality Consortium Annual Summit in May 2015 yet generated a high-energy and inspiring atmosphere for the opportunity to advance the development of medicine."
--Avoca Quality Consortium

"Nicholas Webb’s Keynote, 'An Innovation Roadmap for Success' at TriZetto’s Executive Innovation Forum during our annual healthcare conference was “spot on” and received “excellent” rating by all attendees."
--TriZetto Corporation