Patricia Katz

Patricia Katz

Life Balance Strategist
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Take A Break & Get A Grip: Rebalancing Life's Overload
Super-sized, multi-role demands and a supersonic pace can and do exact a huge toll on individuals, their families, and the organizations in which they work. Ongoing overload negatively impacts physical, mental and emotional health. And, to make matters worse, overloaded individuals often abandon the very self care practices that would bring relief and help them cope. This situation is unhealthy, unprofitable, unsustainable, and ... unnecessary. Life and work do not have to be this way!

Life Balance Leadership: Ease The Load & Lead The Way
Overload and overwhelm in the workplace create a poisonous work environment, triggering employee disengagement, diminishing workforce capacity, and reducing productivity. Overwhelm negatively impacts corporate effectiveness and the bottom line. Over the long term, it's simply unsustainable. When organizations reduce the impact of overload and overwhelm in their workplaces they generate stronger corporate results while creating a more satisfying work and life experience for all.

Encourage The Heart: Growing People & Organizations Through Appreciation
Recognition and celebration are more than just the icing on the cake. They are vital in strengthening relationships, sustaining organizations, and maintaining the loyalty of employees, clients, and volunteers. When encouragement flows freely, relationships flourish. Appreciation is the fuel that grows people and organizations in value and worth.

Hidden Value: Mining The Meaning In Everyday Life
There's a hunger of the heart that is only eased when people feel valued, appreciated, and filled with a sense of purpose and wonder. Your contributions matter – to your organization, your community and your family. You make a difference. Your commitment, spirit, productivity, and peace of mind depend on knowing that is so.


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In over two decades as a speaker and consultant, Patricia Katz has inspired tens of thousands of people to accomplish what matters most in ways that bring more peace of mind. By reducing the impact of overload and overwhelm in the workplace, Pat helps organizations and their leaders generate stronger results while creating a more satisfying work and life experience for all.

Pat is the bestselling author of four books who also writes Pause, a weekly online newsletter enjoyed by over 5000 subscribers. As a productivity and balance strategist, she is a frequent media guest expert on issues of balance, stress, time, and organization.

Pat holds a Masters degree in Continuing Education and a CHRP designation as a Certified Human Resource Professional. She has served in many executive leadership roles in regional, provincial and national professional associations.

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