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Pegine Echevarria

Transforming Organizations By Empowering People
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Play B.I.G. – Take Charge of Your Potential!
Choosing to Play B.I.G. reaps rewards like energy, prosperity, inspiration, creativity and love. Playing small brings chaos into our lives and businesses. In this program, Pegine shows you five of the most frustrating “small” behaviors that stop people from reaching their highest potential, and the seven “BIG” behaviors that will help you soar to new heights.

I’ve Got the Power
This interactive, high energy, tell-it-like-it-is program is based on lessons Pegine learned as she transformed her life from gang member to celebrated business leader. Discover how to control your destiny and harness your power to be heard.

Carry the Torch
Sometimes leaders focus so much on their team’s negative behavior and results, they miss opportunities to encourage positive attitudes and behaviors. Pegine shows you how true leadership is embodied in three torch symbols:

  • The torch of the Statue of Liberty — offering hope and opportunity.
  • The torch of the Olympics — offering global diversity, competition and camaraderie.
  • The torch of the firefighter — offering images of searching, risk taking and brotherhood of man.

    Communicate Your Value
    Getting people to know your value begins with you. You have to know what you have to offer, and then you have to be able to communicate that to other people. Through storytelling, audience participation, and comedy, Pegine shows how some people think they promote their value. She then shares the techniques and tips to truly communicate one’s value so people listen.

    GEMS – Leading in a Diverse World
    If you aren’t mining GEMS, you aren’t growing your organization! Discover how Great Employees Manifest Success, and how Great Empowerment Leaders Manifest Success. Pegine shares how empowering individuals and developing leaders will attract others to your organization.

    Confidence Karma – How to be a Feisty, Fearless, Focused, Fun Female Leader
    Pegine embodies the four traits of phenomenal leaders who achieve success and results: assertive, courageous, committed, and charismatic. She’ll show you how to develop these characteristics in yourself too! Discover the strategies, techniques and transformation that you can use IMMEDIATELY to become a Feisty, Fearless, Focused, and Fun Female Leader!
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    Pegine (Peg-een) Echevarria is CEO of Team Pegine, Inc., a think tank, training and consulting, event management firm specializing in leadership, team building, inclusion engagement and training. Her company provides role players for leadership development for corporate and military training. Team Pegine was named the #3 out of 50 of the fastest growing privately owned companies in North Florida. Team Pegine serves diverse clients all over the world, including the military and federal government, Global 100 direct sales corporations as well as the Fortune 100 global corporations.

    Pegine is a motivational business speaker, consultant, personal coach, and author who teaches business and leadership development primarily for women. Her passion is showing women how to communicate their value, and to become Feisty, Fearless, Focused, FUN, Female leaders. Her messages apply to men, too. She also works with companies to attract and cultivate female & military leadership. Pegine is the author of ‘Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt’, ‘Bragging Rights: Transform Your Team in 21 Days’ and ‘I’ve Got the Power To Lead & Think Big’, among others.

    The Power of Mentoring and Laughter
    Pegine doesn’t just talk the talk – as a former gang member who transformed her life, Pegine walks the walk. During her teenage years, Pegine ran with the “wrong crowd” on the tough streets of the Bronx. She joined a girl gang, and relied on her sharp wit and dynamic personality for “street credit”.

    Unfortunately, Pegine’s charm wasn’t enough to keep her out of trouble, and she wound up getting kicked out of high school. She eventually graduated from a different high school after a drama teacher there took Pegine under her wing. It was during this time that Pegine learned the power of mentoring, laughter and belonging to a group.

    Become a Leader in Your Own Life
    It was then, at age 18, that Pegine decided enough was enough and became a leader in her own life. She moved to Europe, and there Pegine turned her life around. She launched two businesses in Madrid, Spain, and sold them both at a profit by the time she was 23. After selling her businesses, Pegine returned to the United States to finish her bachelor’s degree. Her time in Europe taught her that “what you think is what you get”, sales skills are important for everyone, and that change takes guts.

    Once she was back in the States, Pegine’s transformation continued. She became the top Evinrude salesperson at the New York Boat show. She was the National Sales and Operations Manager at Pierre Cardin/Gant menswear, and even opened up their Latino market. Pegine was also President of a women’s direct sales catalogue company.

    Through these experiences, Pegine became fascinated with the relationship between motivation, leadership and people. Specifically, why some people took advantage of opportunities while others didn’t, and how organizations help or hinder individual success.

    Creating Success
    Pegine went on to earn a Masters in Social Work from Adelphi University. She founded the University’s Cultural Diversity Committee. Along the way, Pegine designed and directed a Latino family support center that was named one of the top ten in the country by The Harvard Group Review.

    As mentioned earlier Pegine is CEO of a leading training, event planning and role playing leadership Development Company in Florida. Her company was produced the Vietnam Veterans Commemoration.

    Today, Pegine puts all her education, experience, energy, and wit into her inspiring programs. As is evident from her presentations, Pegine’s hobby is performing stand-up comedy. Pegine is also passionate about volunteering for organizations benefiting the military, women and girls, and the Hispanic community.

    In 2012, Clorox selected Pegine as the spokesperson for their Dream Without Limits campaign. Her story and motivational quotes were featured in video and print pieces, as well as on the Clorox Latino Facebook page.

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