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Peter Johnson, PhD

Internationally Acclaimed Strategy Expert
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Planning In An Uncertain Economy
This “is not” an exercise about visions, missions, core values, SWOT or Bold Audacious Goal-Setting... been there, done that, now it’s time to get real!

Transformational Leadership In Turbulent Times
This program discusses how today’s business leaders, as well as the business climate, are unique in that they must deal with a far broader range of issues and challenges than ever before in our history.

Rapid Execution As Your Competitive Advantage
A program that simplifies the “Direct Accountability” issue for every key front-line employee, supervisor, manager and executive. This is Strategic Thinking Applied!

Solution Selling In Turbulent Times
Learn how to reevaluate your current Strategic Selling Skill-Set and determine how to leverage your current natural skills, talents and strengths.

Strategic Thinking Planning and Execution
No longer exclusively an executive leadership responsibility, today’s strategy and planning focus MUST incorporate pride of participation and ownership at every level of an organization… executives, managers, supervisors as well as key front-line employees.

Strategic Repositioning versus Traditional Branding
What if there was a way to literally out-think, out-smart and completely out-maneuver your entire industry… this is the time to seize the opportunity that’s been presented as a result of today’s current economic climate.

The Power of Execution
“The Ideal Kick-Off / Wrap-Up Program for Your Next Conference - It’s All About Priorities and Results.” Your audience will see how to rapidly transform follow-up information and ideas into predictable results.

Success By Design
History has shown that what repeatedly separates the consistently successful top performers from their competitors can be crystallized into two key elements… focus and organization.

“Executable” Rapid-Response Strategic Planning and Your Annual Off-Site
A rapidly adjustable Written “Working” Executable Strategic Plan - must be simple to understand, must be quick to develop and must be able to demonstrate almost immediate visible results. Don’t just talk about it… let’s get it done, now!


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Dr. Pete Johnson is an internationally acclaimed strategy expert. His audiences range from corporate boardrooms to Pentagon Think-Tanks, nation association and corporate convention keynotes to international five-day strategic leadership courses… and of course, everything in between. His unique combination of hands-on experience, natural instincts and practical methodology shows an audience how to turn challenges and critical issues into opportunities for growth and accomplishment. His unique audience-interactive speaking style and customized program hand-out materials deliver unparalleled bottom-line “Take-Away Value” that participants can use immediately.

A Proven Track-Record of Results, Dr. Pete is a thirty year veteran of the professional speaking and consulting industry whom has addressed more than two thousand audiences worldwide and consistently earns the audience’s highest ratings. He has worked exclusively for the past six years under direct contract with the U.S. Army’s advanced technology command working strategic plans for Homeland Defense. His corporate job experience / credentials include a long running information technology career with IBM, General Electric, Litton Industries, Data General and McDonnell-Douglas. Pete’s educational background includes degrees in Electrical Engineering, Marketing, Business Management (MBA) and a PhD in Human Resource Development.

Today’s top business professionals are already over worked and overwhelmed with existing priorities. What they’re demanding are direct answers and solutions on how to solve their critical issues faster and permanently. As a strategist, Dr. Pete immediately cuts to the core of their issues and outlines innovative solutions that produce measurable, long lasting results.

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