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The Fifth Principle of Leadership: Embedding Foresight and Change Management Into Your Organization
In addition to presenting his Four Principles of Leadership, futurist and business visionary Richard Worzel reveals a new Fifth Principle: Foresight and Change Management. In a world where change is not only accelerating, but the rate of acceleration is increasing, the ability to anticipate what might happen, and be prepared for it, has become vital to survival and success. Moreover, it’s necessary for a leader to be out in front, so foresight enhances and underscores leadership.

Innovation Beyond Motherhood: How to Turn Your Company into an Innovation Organization
Everyone talks a good game when it comes to innovation, but the hidden, ugly truth is that organizations actually fear innovation. Why is this so? And what can you do to change the attitude of your colleagues from going through the motions in order to look good, to becoming actively and eagerly engaged in doing good? In this half-day workshop, futurist Richard Worzel, a business visionary and corporate innovation specialist, leads you through the process of engaged innovation.

The Economy’s Sweet Spot Is Back; But for How Long?
Any view of the future is dependent at least in part on the prospects for the economy. Yet, when economists’ opinions are all over the map, how do you tell who to believe? Futurist Richard Worzel is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and a business visionary with 25 years of advising companies about how to approach and manage the future. In this overview of tomorrow’s economy, he gets under the hood of economic activity.

The Texture of Tomorrow: A Workshop on How To Weave the Future You Want
The world is awash in uncertainty, from the erratic effects of climate change, to the economic uncertainties of the European Union, to questions concerning the future of interest rates in America. In such a world, planning and foresight actually become more important, even as they become more demanding. Futurist Richard Worzel, C.F.A., is a business visionary with a background in finance and 25 years of experience in foresight and strategic planning. In this workshop he will first outline what he sees as the principal drivers of change for the textile industry, and then outline some of the tools planners can use to capture the uncertainties of the future, and turn them into competitive advantages.

Get Your Game On: The Sweet Spot Is Back for the P&C Industry
The economy has just entered a new sweet spot. Growth, although slower than in past expansions, is steady. Inflation is cool and likely to remain so. And talk of deflation has died out. All of this is good. Meanwhile, the consumer markets for auto, business, and home insurance – and all other consumer goods – are shifting in unprecedented ways, changing patterns of demand and market niches. Futurist Richard Worzel is a business visionary and a Chartered Financial Analyst. In this presentation, he surveys our future, and identifies the shifts that may catch us by surprise.

Wonderful and Terrible Times: What’s Ahead for the Financial Industry
America is in the midst of several major transitions that will offer wonderful opportunities, and carry terrible risks, over the next 5-10 years. Those who are prepared for the shocks and potential triumphs ahead will gain disproportionate advantages. Futurist Richard Worzel is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a business visionary.

What’s Next for Technology? Surfing the Uncertainty
The job of an executive in a technology company requires many skills. Foremost among them is to anticipate where technology is headed, and how it might affect your organization. Futurist Richard Worzel is a business visionary and a Chartered Financial Analyst who has successfully anticipated the future of technology for almost a quarter of a century. In this presentation, he outlines what’s ahead for technology, how it will affect business in general, and how it will affect the role of the technology executive in particular.

What’s Next for Humanity? The Future, and Actuaries’ Place in It
What’s ahead for humanity, for the country, for pensions, and for actuaries? That’s what Richard Worzel, C.F.A. and today’s leading futurist, will address.

Why Book Richard Worzel?

  • He works to identify the major forces that will affect companies as well as people's lives, then helps audiences identify the likely possibilities and the early-warning signals they need to watch for.

  • He helps corporations and industry associations plan intelligently for the future while addressing global issues and the economy.

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    People are fascinated by the future because it affects their lives, their jobs, and their wealth and welfare. And the future is a topic that fits every conference, and involves everyone in your organization. That's why Richard Worzel, Chartered Financial Analyst, best-selling author, and one of today's leading futurists, trend analysts, and innovation specialists, is in such demand as a speaker, consultant, and writer.

    And although he's a top trend analyst, he has developed new tools to go beyond mere trend watching, including Pre-trending™, which identifies new trends as they emerge, andTrendVelocity™ analysis, which clarifies how and when things are likely to happen.

    He conducts structured innovation sessions that dovetail into your strategic planning and product design, including proprietary innovation techniques, and brings a keen understanding of why innovation can be so difficult, and how organizations can unknowingly undermine their own innovation efforts. Part of this is a process Richard calls Inventing the Future. The results help an organization remake their approach to innovation, the marketplace, and tomorrow.

    Richard makes compelling keynote speeches to set the table at the start of a conference, or can end it with a bang. He leads intriguing workshops that range from a couple of hours, to days or even months of strategic planning. And he can help you plan and prepare for our uncertain future.

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    "Thank you so much for your participation in our Physician Roundtable Meeting. Your commentary challenged the audience to consider both their individual and societal perspectives regarding change. I'm not sure that everyone fully enjoyed the intellectual challenges your discussion introduced, but their discomfort represents solid evidence as to the effectiveness of your presentation. PEOPLE WERE THINKING! The future will present grave challenges and fabulous opportunities. Those in attendance left the meeting with a sense of optimism that the latter will eclipse the former.

    I was impressed with the depth of the dialogue with the audience. The nature of their questions and comments was diverse. Your commentary clearly demonstrated a depth of knowledge and insight which enabled you to synthesize apparently disparate topics. 

    Richard, it was a distinct pleasure to include you in our meeting. I look forward to the opportunity for us to work together in the future."
    --DaVita Inc.

    "As a keynote speaker for our 'Preparing for Tomorrow' conference, Richard was a natural fit. His dynamic delivery and fact-based presentation made for an afternoon that was enlightening as well as engaging. Several of our delegates remarked on the valuable information they had gained through Richard's insight. 

    Richard's keenness to tailor his presentation to our delegates' needs was evident from the beginning of his involvement in our conference, and it was very much appreciated. Thank you, Richard, for your obvious dedication to your field and your excellent ability to communicate your insight and research on this important topic."
    --Compass Group 

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