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Architecting of BEing - Corporate
Creating and Designing the team around your company that works towards the zero-sum game and your company’s success/survival.

Beat the Bogey Man
Improve your golf game 3 - 5 strokes in 30 days without physical practice with PGA Tour proven tactics.

Finding out who you are not – Corporate & Personal Branding
Discovering who you really are versus who you think you are, revealing your deepest passions and purpose.

Get your head OUT of the Game – Layered word power communication
Learn what words really mean and how they can help or hurt your, communication within business, sports performance and relationships

How to go Cow Tipping and get away with it
Learn to have fun dating or spicing up your relationship

Finding the Love of Your Life
Love is the most powerful experience and most rarely experience it the most powerful force on the planet, awaken it within!

HyPerformanceTM Series
Audio Support programs


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Travis Fox began his career in human development and Hyperformance in 1990 and since 1991, Fox has been the Chief Architect for Travis Fox, Inc. now Bigger Than Us, LLC. Fox has been architecting for 25 years, holding doctorates in both Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Reaching beyond the common uses of conscious and subconscious models, Fox has perfected the use of the “Subconscious AutoCoding™” to help people improve their lives in a variety of areas such as negotiations, personal improvement, business development, brand architecting, competitive athletics, and more.

Fox is the “Head” Coach to several top professional players on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tours with his methodologies crossing over into architecting for, NCAA Basketball (Division 1) and MMA athletes.

For the last 20 years Fox has been architecting his methodology to both private and public corporations to re-energize their sales, marketing and performance utilizing his tools for personality profiling, brand architecting, focused concentration and business development. Corporations such as Honda, Goldman Sachs, T-Mobile, EarthLink, Huddle House, Conoco, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, Bell Atlantic, Cerwin-Vega and Card Key to name a few have effectively used Dr. Fox’s methodology.

Dr. Fox has been featured on many television programs from ABC’s “One Life to Live” (where he actually played a doctor on TV), Talk Soup, The Nashville Network, Resorts Networks, The Golf Channel and most recently with the first golf show in Public Broadcasting Television’s history. Additionally, Dr. Fox also has been heard weekly on XM radio, with his third book releasing in 2017 – “Dialogues with your Inner Psychologist”

Fox is also an Emmy Award winner, receiving over 20+ awards including Silver Telly and Gold Communicators.

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  • Learning the 7 Rules of the Mind and Why People Fail
  • Create “Auto-CodingTM” that literally compels you to success by hidden psychological secrets!
  • Coaching and complete interaction for all participants.

    “Equipment to Unwind Your Mind” is what Dr. Fox does.
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