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John C. Havens
H(app)athon Project Founder, Author of Hacking H(app)iness, Contributor for: The Guardian, Mashable, Huffington Post

Why Book John C. Havens?

  • Being a writer for Mashable, The Guardian, and Huffington Post, he uses his research and insight to help corporations manage risks and seize opportunities in the digital world. This includes personal data, big data, social media, apps, technology tools, online marketing, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.

  • John has been featured on respected programs such as C-SPAN's Communicators, Leonard Lopate Show, Huffington Post Live for his expertise and insight on data, technology, and happiness.

  • He is an acclaimed author of the book Hacking H(app)iness and international thought leader who stands at the intersection of technology and happiness. He guides business leaders, and organizations to understand the value and meaning of both profit and purpose.

  • John focuses on themes of personal data and identity. He explores emerging media, positive psychology and economic "happiness indicators” as a call for people to take the measure of their lives based on worth versus wealth.

  • Biography of John C. Havens

    John C. Havens is a contributing writer for The Guardian, Mashable, and The Huffington Post. He is the Founder of The H(app)athon Project, a non-profit organization, “Connecting Happiness to Action" by helping people track their values and personal data as a way to increase their wellbeing via customized volunteer opportunities in their community. He is the author of, Tactical Transparency - How Leaders Can Leverage Social Media to Maximize Value and Build Their Brand. John is also the author of Hacking H(app)iness - Why Your Personal Data Counts and How Tracking it Can Change the World (Tarcher/Penguin Publisher, March 2014).John C. Havens, technology happiness keynote speaker

    He speaks to corporate groups and associations in both the U.S. and internationally. Most recently, he spoke at the Sibos Conference in Dubai, and a conference for Cisco in Milan. He has also presented at the 2014 Future Consumer Intelligence Conference. 

    John is a former EVP for a top-ten global PR firm; he has counseled clients like Gillette, HP, and Merck on emerging and social media issues. He is a leading voice for technology, business, and well being, and often featured in USA Today, Fast Company, BBC News, Mashable, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Forbes, INC., PR Week, and Advertising Age. Havens was also a professional actor in New York City for over 15 years, appearing in principal roles on Broadway, television, and film.


    More on John C. Havens

    Hacking Happiness by John C. Havnes

    Read an introduction to John's current book Hacking H(app)iness (published in March, 2014): HERE. (Also, here's a recent review of John's book from Kirkus Review.)

    Discover the benefits of holding a H(app)athon Project workshop and how it's not only good for your business, but good for your life. Learn here.

    Featured on the Leonard Lopate ShowJohn Havens highlights the benefits of an examined life in the digital world and illustrates how the fruits of the Information Age can improve our lives for the better. Listen to the show here.

    US News and World Report. This featured article, "A Data-Driven Path to a Better Life" covers his critically acclaimed book "Hacking H(app)iness," and shows how you're just a click away from happiness. Read here.

    John C. Havens,, Activate New York 2013 Summit

    Activate New York 2013 Summit on John Havens talks and sings about using the technology within smart phones to help quantify happiness. Visit the site here to watch it.




    John C. Havens on Huffpost LiveCan Technology Measure Our Happiness?
    John Havens dives into the intersection of happiness and technology in this HuffPost Live interview. Watch it here on the Huffpost Live site.





    John C. HavensJohn C. Havens talks about his book Hacking H(app)iness on C-SPAN's Communicators. John Discusses how personal data is being tracked, what data brokers do, and how individuals could take back control of some of this data. Whatch it here on C-SPAN's site. 


    Video(s) of John C. Havens

    Program Descriptions

    Reflectology: Shift the Impact of Modern Technology
    Quantified Self. The Internet of Things. Big Data. Augmented Reality. These are four overwhelming technologies transforming our culture and business faster than we can catch up. Each of these technologies are building off one another and bringing innovation at speeds we have never experienced in modern society. We have two choices in the wake of this information explosion: struggle and become lost trying to identify every piece of data and tech platform coming our way, or, pause and reflect … it's time to be in control, and decide what information and technology is relevant to you and your business. In this talk, John mixes fresh ideas of what's possible in technology, managing risks, and taking advantage of opportunities. There's genuine ROI in reflection - and you're worth the second look.

    In this presentation, Reflectology, John helps your audience take control of the (out of control) Technologies Transforming Our Culture and Business:

    1. Quantified Self.
    Acquiring data on a person's daily (digital) sickness and in health.
    2. The Internet of Things.
    Objects embeded with sensors and able to communicate. Imagine your refrigerator telling you to buy more milk. In business, it can improve process, reduces costs and risks.

    3. Big Data. Information analyzed to find hidden patterns, predict social trends, and re-engineer the way we live and do business.
    4. Augmented Reality. View of a real-world environment, where elements are augmented by computer. Have you heard of Google Glass? You better, it could change the way we shop online.

    How Big Data Can Make Us Happier and Healthier
    Trends like Quantified Self (QS) are coming to the forefront of consumer's consciousness, with tools like fitbit helping people measure everything from their weight to their sleep, sex patterns, and general health. The industries around QS are booming -- health, insurance, sports, and apps are growing at an alarming rate. The trend of Big Data is also exploding, with brands hurrying to understand how to best analyze the massive amounts of information about their organizations and customers and how to best provide insights around what they've learned.

    Based on his recent Mashable article on this topic, this presentation will help you learn about the rise of QS and Big Data, and why it's essential for every company to learn how people are measuring their actions and the immediate repercussions this has on your business. Tracking consumer behavior has become easier than ever, but companies must utilize Big Data with a sensitivity to privacy and permissions to best learn how to create lasting relationships with customers. Learn about the massive importance of these trends, and how to analyze their growth with the how-to oriented insights. 

    The ROI of Big Data: The Value of Trust Over Technology
    Companies realize that measuring insights from data is the most pressing issue facing the business world. Big Data involves understanding how to best connect with consumers, clients and employees utilizing the massive amount of information readily available. While tracking behavior is easier than ever, companies must utilize Big Data with a sensitivity to privacy to create lasting trust. In his presentation, learn the importance of these trends and analyze their growth with 'how-to' insights.

    The Future Vision of Augmented Reality
    Data becomes visible via Augmented Reality. Learn how to best translate your brand into this new arena that’s set to have greater impact than the creation of the Internet.

    Well-Being in the Modern Workplace - How Emerging Media and Happiness will Affect Your Bottom Line
    The study of happiness is exploding - the United Nations has issues its first World Happiness Report, and countries all around the world like Bhutan, the UK, and China are issuing reports based on hundreds of thousands of interviews from people describing what makes them happy and why.

 These trends of studying well being -- the science and economics of happiness -- have entered the workforce. More and more research is proving that employees who are happy, who feel a sense of meaning and purpose at their work, are more productive and valuable for their employers. Based on his Mashable article (and upcoming book from Tarcher/Penguin), The Value of a Happiness Economy, John will teach you why the global trend of analyzing well being is so critical for employers to understand, and how they can utilize existing tools to measure and improve their employee's happiness.

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    Testimonials for
    John C. Havens

    "John C. Havens brings so much to a stage appearance.  His professionalism, presence and ease with performing on a stage means he is relaxed and sets anyone else he shares a stage with at ease.  His story and message is inspirational and seductive and makes you think long and hard about how you can do good and live better everyday. Oh an you must get him to play his harmonica!"
    --George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

    "The timeliness of content you brought to the table is undeniable, and we keep receiving tremendously positive feedback reflecting not only your leading-edge expertise, but also your open and down-to-earth attitude. Here is to YOU, one of our all-star speakers, for collectively enabling the transition to a sustainable economy where brands prosper by leading the way."
    --Sustainable Brands

    "John C. Havens, a regular on the social media circuit, former actor and speaker extraordinairre, knows how to effectively use storytelling and humor to connect with his audience."
    --Fast Company

    "[John] energetically presents a roadmap for companies on how to leverage social media to grow their business."
    --The Wall Street Journal Digital Network

    "...without a doubt one of the best presenters I've ever seen."
    --Managing Director, UM

    "...a rare breed who is able to communicate complex concepts in simple and entertaining terms."
    --Steven Etzler, Founder, Business Development Institute

    "Thank you so much for your dynamic and engaging presentation. I think you hit all the marks; technology, data, healthcare, patient care - while keeping it real, and always reminding us of the value of humanity. Your presentation was not only educational and fun, but also inspiring and motivating. I wanted more! And, so did our staff."
    --New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation

    "Great presentation, timely information, presentation skills (the best). The audience loved John and in response invited him to attend other conference functions."
    --Executive Events & Management Co.

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