3 Latest and Greatest Apps for Professionals by Cheryl Cran

Posted by Sheldon Senek

Okay is it just me or do you love the new Angry Birds Space game? I just downloaded it from the App store a few days ago and once again, I am Angry-Bird crazy!  I am playing whenever I am waiting or when riding the train.Cheryl Cran - TEDx Vancouver - EA Sports - Burnaby, BC I know, I know, this article is supposed to be about the latest apps to help you in your work, but I couldn’t resist sharing the latest game fun.

Did you know that 46 million apps are downloaded every day? With the mobile devices becoming the main computing device for professionals, the app market is exploding with new offerings to help us be more efficient.

“The latest apps that I love right now are really helpful for staying organized, finding information and more.”


App #1 – Projectbook:

“This app can hold your notes — all together in one neat place.”

Projectbook is basically a notebook for your iPad that can hold all of your stuff. What kind of stuff? This app can hold your notes, to-do lists, Word documents, PDF files, Web clippings, sketches, and photos — all together in one neat place.

The interface is simple and clean, thus making it easy to use. Your items will be organized in various sections, including Notes, Folders, Tags, and To Do.

Documents can be imported into the app in various ways: email, clippings from Safari, Chrome, or Firefox (synced with your iPad), or you can grab them from Instapaper or Pocket on the iPad. Files can even be imported from Dropbox, and your notes can be shared with others by email (as a PDF, HTML, or plain text file).


App #2 – My Daily Planner:

“This app will never let you forget anything ever again.”

This app will help youkeep track of all your ‘to do’s’ such as meetings with reminders, birthdays, appointments and more. This app will never let you forget anything ever again. It will help you manage everything in your daily life and work.

Have a to-do list that needs to get done? Enter it into My Daily Planner and you can tell it to remind you to do and when to do it. Don’t want to miss important appointments or meetings? Set your notification in the app.


App #3 – Vlingo:

I asked Vlingo “What is the weather in San Francisco?,” the app instantly presented Google results.

If you’re living in a Siri-less world, you don’t have to forgo the conveniences of Apple’s virtual assistant entirely. Vlingo brings Siri-like features to your iPhone. Using Vlingo, you can use your voice to dictate and send an email or SMS; find locations on a map; post updates to Facebook and Twitter; dial by voice; and perform web searches. Example: After I asked Vlingo “What is the weather in San Francisco?,” the app instantly presented Google results. If you want longer dictations transcribed into text for copying and pasting, download the free Dragon Dictation app, too.

Cheryl Cran - TEDx Vancouver - EA Sports - Burnaby, BC

Cheryl Cran, CSP is an author, leadership expert and keynoter on Leading Change in a Fast Paced & Technological Workplace. She works with leaders to help them navigate change, increase technological understanding to lead better and more efficiently and ultimately to grow the business.

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Posted by Sheldon Senek
Sheldon Senek is the President of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau and writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips for corporate meeting planners.

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