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America's Economic Challenges and Opportunities

What will the 21st century look like for America? What are America's biggest challenges and opportunities? Can we retain the fundamental characteristics that have defined America's greatness? Dr. Asmus describes the three inviolable drivers of a free market economy as well as the three economic freedoms that produce remarkable prosperity.

Globalization and Emerging Markets

Dr. Asmus has 25 years experience with research organizations that economically monitor 180 countries for economic freedom and trade. Worldwide markets and sourcing opportunities make for an exciting future. His new 2013 book with Wayne Grudem, The Poverty of Nations, describes sustainable solutions for poor nations seeking growth and a new beginning.

Energy Powers the Economy

The Stone Age didn't end for lack of stones and neither will the fossil fuel age end for lack of energy. The economic implications of America's discovery of the four largest gas fields in the world through vertical and horizontal drilling and fracking are causing many economists to call it the game changer of the century. The U.S. is now the fastest growing energy producer on the planet. Add the positive geopolitical and wealth producing consequences and our economic future has brightened considerably.

Curing the Health Care Crisis

As The Affordable Care Act imposes $1 trillion of new taxes and another $716 billion from Medicare, the question is what are we getting in return for all of this? Unfavorable population demographics and skyrocketing health care costs only accentuate policies that expand the demand for care and do nothing to increase supply. Can we avoid a European future? The National Center for Policy Analysis believes we can.

Why Book Barry Asmus?

  • Recognized as a revolutionary thinker who delivers his ideas in an energy-filled and entertaining style, Asmus helps audiences understand complex policy issues.

  • He is known for his views on making the U.S. a world-class competitor as he promotes private sector, market-based solutions.

  • His insightful presentations on the political and business issues facing America are customized to meet any corporate program.

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    Dr. Barry Asmus is a Senior Economist with the National Center for Policy Analysis. Dr. Asmus has been named by USA Today as one of the five most requested speakers in the United States. Over the last twenty-five years, Dr. Asmus has spoken to thousands of companies and associations throughout the United States. He has testified before the House Ways and Means Committee regarding our income tax system and was a featured speaker in a privatizing Social Security conference for Western European leaders. On recent trips to Romania, Albania, China and Peru, Dr. Asmus has encouraged government leaders to pass free-market, low tax, protected property rights and free trade policies.

    Dr. Asmus is the author of nine books. His book, Crossroads: The Great American Experiment was nominated for a H.L. Mencken Award. As a Professor of Economics, he was twice voted University Professor of the Year and was honored with the Freedom Foundation Award at Valley Forge for Private Enterprise Education. He co-anchored a syndicated radio called “Perspectives on the Economy.” Dr. Asmus is an effective advocate of free market economics. He is a recognized thinker who delivers his ideas in an enthusiastic and energy filled presentation.

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    "... standing ovation said it all."
    --North Carolina Chamber of Commerce

    "Dr. Asmus was fantastic, and struck a positive chord with the audience.Coordination was efficient and effective. We're a repeat customer of Eagles Talent (and Barry Asmus), and we keep coming back because you're the best!"
    --First Command Financial Services

    "Thanks for your entertaining, insightful and provocative presentation at our national conference last week. Your energy is amazing and our folks were stimulated by it all. I also appreciate all the time you took with me to learn about public power. I hope we can work together again sometime."
    --American Public Power Association

    "He is always a hit, entertaining and informative, not to mention that personality."

    "Thank you for taking the time to speak to the ARAMARK group this past week. Your talk was one of the best I have heard in some time...but you and Pat Williams can wrestle that one out later."

    "Your passion and energy, combined with the insightful message you delivered, helped to make this year’s events the best ever. I also have to confess that you re-ignited my passion and interest in economics."
    --Associated Financial Group, LLC

    "We have been putting this meeting on for a number of years and had numerous speakers. In all those years, I have never had so many people come up to me and tell me what an incredible speaker we had. Virtually everyone I came in contact with made it a point to tell me this."
    --Cardinal Health, Generic Product Management

    "Please accept the belated thank you for the superb job you did at our Leadership Conference. You are a unique package! Outstanding credentials, obvious in-depth knowledge of economics and business and great platform skills. Your ability to make your audience have fun, while probing some very deep subjects are an outstanding combination. Your ability to quickly gain rapport with your audience is amazing."
    --Integrity Systems

    "It truly was an honor to have you with us for the 112th Annual convention of Kentucky Bankers Association and you did a wonderful job getting the group charged and receptive at the early morning hour."
    --Kentucky Bankers Association