Bob Arno

Bob Arno

The World's Only Legal Pickpocket
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Program Descriptions

  • Is Your Competition Picking Your Pocket?
  • Gain The Competitive Advantage
  • The Illicit Acquisitions Game
  • Data Mining and Intellectual Properties Theft
  • Travel Safety and Identity
  • Why Book Bob Arno?

  • Pickpocket Bob Arno’s high-impact, cross-cultural, audience-participation comedy pickpocket show. It’s suitable for everything except a pool party. That means after-dinner in a ballroom or theater setting, cocktail parties, hospitality suites, between boring speakers, gala finales, etc. Multilingual and highly visual, his physical funny-business breaks language barriers.
  • As a speaker and educator, Bob includes humor, video, and live demonstrations. His topics in the travel and security fields are fascinating, pertinent, and useful for anyone who travels, even just across town. These presentations are usually used in a morning or noon session, often the day after we’ve presented our comedy show, to the same audience. The two presentations can be combined into one mix of comedy and info.
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    If it takes a thief to know a thief and you want to know the latest trends in corporate and personal security, then keynote speaker Bob Arno is the perfect choice for your next conference. Lean, lanky and a little larcenous, this infotainer is also provocative, intelligent, thrilling, edgy, and very, very entertaining. "Highlight" is a word liberally applied to him by his corporate clients.

    Many market sectors today are concerned with risk, fraud, internet security and safety for their traveling employees. All these subjects are within Bob's expertise and keynote options. Risk management is a growing necessity and conference topic of which Bob simply has no competition.

    The keynotes are a mix of audience participation (visual segments from his comedy show), and tense anecdotes from "in-the-field" undercover work deep inside global criminal outfits. They're illustrated with hidden-camera video footage and play like spy-thriller movies. We address risk management and customize content to ensure a good fit for events in many industries.

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    "Bob was awesome. He had the audience in the palms of his hands."
    --Mutual of Omaha

    "Bob is a MUST for your event. Attendees at our engineering and construction event were talking about his performance for days. Captivating, funny, an amazing, talented performer."
    --North American Society for Trenchless Technology

    “The audience LOVED Bob Arno ... A huge hit with everyone! Attendees at our event were talking about his performance for days. Captivating, funny, an amazing, talented performer. Bob is a MUST for your event. In addition, Bob & Bambi were such a pleasure to meet and work with.”
    --Benjamin Media

    "Bob Arno was exactly what my members needed to end our conference on a high. Smart, witty, intriguing and hilarious, I have never seen such a reaction from my folks. He was a pure delight to work with both on and off the stage and was the buzz of the conference...definitely!"
    --GAMA International

    “Re-booking Bob Arno was a great choice. And the success of his presentation proved it, …. he was the best entertainer and comedian that they had seen in the 24 years of our conference. I really, truly haven't heard as much positive feedback about one of our entertainers as I have after Bob's performance.”

    "Bob Arno was a huge hit at our conference. He combined entertainment with solid content that connected the world of security and internet protection to our segment of the finance industry. We were impressed and delighted that Bob had our usually serious folks on their feet and laughing, and that he also gave them useful information."
    --National Advisors Trust