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Bob Danzig

Bob Danzig

Former VP of Hearst Corporation & CEO of Hearst Newspaper Group
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In this, his most requested talk, Bob identifies inherent leadership powers within each of us. Though we might not be aware of them, these powers are a part of our fundamental makeup. They simply need to be discovered, brought to the surface, nurtured, and buffed to a brilliant shine.

Organizations rely on confident leaders to help them achieve their visions and goals. This keynote speech highlights the individual powers within us all, which are waiting to be tapped. The awareness of these powers will help individuals strengthen their leadership abilities, which in turn will help strengthen the organization.


As Dean of the Hearst Management Institute, which embraces about two percent of our 25,000 employee colleagues, I witness the common powers in these peak performers. This topic identifies those powers and uses the magical power of story telling for audiences to discover, nurture, and master those same powers.


This keynote speech will inspire your colleagues and praise their devotion to being “seed planters of hope.” Tailored for healthcare and community-service organizations, it identifies, amplifies, and celebrates those common qualities that affirm the noble purpose of such organizations.

“Harvesters of Hope” is an oasis for healthcare and community-service professionals. It provides them an intermission from their day-to-day routines, applauds their dedication, and celebrates their commitment to helping others.


We are each the product of the influence of others. Those unforgettable people that make a difference in our lives are the threads that create our life’s “tapestry.” Bob shares his experiences and explores the benefits of not only having such threads in our own lives, but also the importance of being such a thread in the tapestries of others. The audience members are invited to bask in their own special life threads.


Every person matters. Every person in your organization is unique—every person deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated for the gifts he or she brings to your organization. Every person deserves to know that he or she is unique in the universe.

Bob describes a journey of appreciation for the potential in everyone. His stories affirm the singular ways in which people have touched his life—and how those threads have improved his personal and professional lives, as well as how the help of those threads have in turn allowed Bob to become a nurturing thread in the tapestries of others.


A post-keynote workshop based upon the simple truth that every organization seeks success. In this interactive one-hour workshop session Bob spotlights those characteristics that breed excellence in every organization. Stories surround each major point and make the insights more memorable. Those Softer Values include: Mindset, Motivation, Attitudes, Nurturing, and Self-Esteem.

Why Book Bob Danzig?

  • Bob uses his timeless message of leadership and success to inspire audiences to discover the leaders within themselves.

  • He is a former foster child and office boy who became CEO of a multibillion dollar company.

  • He uses the magical power of story telling for audiences to discover, nurture, and master the skills that made him an accomplished manager.

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    Bob Danzig, former President of the multi-billion dollar powerhouse Hearst Newspapers, has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. Today, he is one of the nation’s most spellbinding speakers, named to the Speaker’s Hall of Fame in 2007.

    With a passion for lifting the human spirit, Bob brings his timeless message of leadership and success to audiences all over North America. Sharing his personal experiences and accomplishments, he often speaks about his challenges growing up in foster care and his impressive rise in the newspaper industry. Bob uses these stories to encourage audience members to reach higher and exceed their expectations – to embrace their vision and create the life they deserve.

    It has been said: “Bob Danzig is one of those magical people who, when he enters a room he fills it, and when he begins to speak he owns it.” With humor and a magnetic sense of purpose, Bob plants seeds of hope, confidence and leadership every time he speaks.

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    Bob was very energetic and his message was very good. He took the time to understand the audience and included pieces of the meeting into his presentation.
    --Genworth Financial

    Having Bob Danzig in Omaha and Lincoln was a wonderful experience. We loved him, his new wife and his presentations. He was extremely well-received at every venue where he spoke. We plan to recommend him to other Better Business Bureaus (BBBs) across the country. His values and message are perfect for BBB events. Bob did a masterful job of tying in his message to what the BBB does and stands for. He was the perfect choice for our Centennial Celebration/Integrity Awards Events. We were also very pleased with your agency and communications. We will definitely consider using Eagles Talent again. Many thanks.
    --Better Business Bureau