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Carl Mays

Carl Mays

Specialist in Motivation, Relationships & Performance Improvement
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A Strategy for Winning
This is Carl’s high-energy, high-content, entertaining presentation that deals with: (1) self-image (2) attitude (3) creativity (4) building on failure (5) values (6) goals (7) vision (8) teamwork and (9) procrastination. World Series-winning MLB manager Tony La Russa said, “A Strategy For Winning spotlights the fact that everyone has problems to overcome, and Carl emphasizes that unless you accept personal responsibility and make a commitment you cannot win.” A CEO recently said, “This presentation changed my life in a very positive way.” Legendary women’s college basketball coach Pat Summitt claimed, “Carl’s presentation will help people in all professions to achieve success.” Former U.S. Border Patrol Associate Chief Sal Nieto said, “I expected Carl to be great with his ‘A Strategy For Winning,’ but it was even better than expected!”

Are We Communicating Yet?
The American Management Association reports that 90 percent of all problems in any organization is a direct result of poor communication. Marriage and family counselors also point to poor communication as a common reason for interpersonal conflicts. In his usual entertaining manner, Carl deals with reasons for poor communication and how to establish good communication. He emphasizes, “Effective communication does not occur merely because a message has been presented. More important than what is said is how others perceive and respond to what is said. The greatest obstacle to good communication is an assumption communication has taken place when it hasn't." Carl especially emphasizes the difference between ‘hearing’ and ‘listening,’ and presents reasons why most people are poor listeners and, thus, poor communicators.

The Answer Begins with You
Developed from his own national survey and his work in business and sports, Carl presents characteristics of people who relate successfully to others. He deals with what turns people on and motivates them, what leads employees and co-workers to view their work as a way of life instead of merely a job with a paycheck and what helps spouses and children feel like integral parts of your life. This presentation does not deal with carrots, sticks or manipulation. It is based on the premise that one person cannot truly motivate another person or group of people. It is based on the premise that since all true motivation must come from within the individual, we must create an atmosphere that incubates self-motivation. When we create such an atmosphere, people thrive in it and everyone wins as a result – including internal and external customers.

Willows Survive - Pines are Blown Away
Carl reminds us that all change – even desired change – can be traumatic. Change makes us uncomfortable because it forces us to explore new things, and we often lose a feeling of security. However, because of time, technology, interests, perceptions and other variants, change happens, whether we accept it or not. As Carl discusses how to make change work for us rather than against us, he leads us to examine our own examples of three major types of change. He also covers four major phases of change, plus steps to becoming a solid transformational leader during change, along with the steps that team members can take not only to adapt to change but also to grow stronger and progress under changing situations and/or changing leadership. _______________________________________________________________________


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Drawing from his solid background in business and athletics, along with degrees in psychology and communications, Carl Mays is a much-requested speaker. Focusing on leadership, teamwork and performance improvement, he has spoken to over 3,000 groups, totaling over a million people. His clients include corporations, associations, government entities, sports teams and education groups. Carl presents keynote addresses, banquet talks, seminars and workshops.

From the National Speakers Association, Carl received the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) designations. He is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame.

Among his honorary awards is the Faith & Freedom Award presented by W. Clement Stone, founder of Success magazine -- a recognition that honors communicators on the national level who contribute to the high ideals and values on which America was founded. He received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Murray State University.

Carl is the author of over a dozen books, including A Strategy For Winning, Anatomy Of A Leader, Winning Thoughts, People Of Passion and Are We Communicating Yet?

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