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Climb the Ladder of Success and Take Your Family with You
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Climbing the Ladder of Success AND Taking Your Family With You
Hilarious insights on how to take care of family while taking care of business. Dr. Petty (1) helps audiences understand the impact of family relationships upon job performance, (2) shares some principles that help achieve success in balancing one’s job and family, and (3) motivates people to put these principles into practice.

Roaring Fires, Flickering Flames, Dying Embers Or Cold Ashes?
This presentation focuses on the importance of maintaining energy and purpose in one’s life and work, and suggests some ways to achieve and maintain a healthy productivity. Helps managers, sales people and employees to "keep the fires going."

Ambush At The Generation Gap
This presentation examines the difference in mind-sets of each generation, the origin of mind-sets, and the implications these mind-sets have for business and industry, as well as for one's personal and professional lives. The premise is that one does not manage people or sell goods or services but rather manages/sells mind sets.

Winning Communities Are Made Of These: Strong Economy, Caring Volunteers and Stable Families
This humorous presentation highlights the three areas necessary for every great community: strong economy, caring volunteers and stable families. Dr. Petty affirms the role of the Chamber in each of these areas. Especially appropriate at annual meetings.

Educators: Shaper of the Dream
Dr. Petty presents hilarious insights on how to help students achieve their dreams. The purpose of this presentation is to (1) remind participants of the impact educators have upon students, (2) share some principles that help empower students, and (3) motivate/inspire educators to put these principles into practice.

Why Book Charles Petty?

  • Southern charm meets clean humor in this light and uplifting business comic.

  • Dr. Petty is an easy going man with a wealth of life experience and always has a smile and a thoughtful story to share. His programs will inspire others to examine their own lives and seek out opportunities to grow their relationships with others and personal success though life balance.

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    Charles Petty is funny and educational. He has the rare ability to package profound, life-changing truths in humor. He has a soft southern accent and uses original humor that is never off-color.

    Dr. Petty says, "My job as a speaker is to put: A smile on faces; Information in minds; Motivation in hearts; Inspiration in spirits; and… Make the program planner look good!"

    Charles’ programs range from 15 minutes to 3 hours. He is at his best doing keynotes and speaking after a meal. Opening and closing sessions are his specialty. He also does multiple presentations. Program planners comment on how easy Dr. Petty is to work with. He makes no demands, adapts to any circumstance with a smile, has no special needs, takes care of his own travel, and has never gone ballistic over details. The reasons for his popularity with program planners are quite simple:

    Charles Petty is very funny and entertaining. He has the rare ability to inspire, motivate, educate and entertain. What he suggests can make a profound difference in a person’s life and career. Everyone can identify with and profit from his insights regardless of their family status. "Family" is a refreshing break from technical presentations. Often spouses and guests attend conferences and "Family" is perfect for a joint session.

    Dr. Petty was reared in the farming communities of England and Stuttgart, Arkansas. As a native of Arkansas he does indeed know President Clinton. In fact, when President Clinton was eleven or twelve years old, Dr. Petty was his rifle instructor at a Boy Scout camp! This is the man who taught the President to shoot straight!

    Charles learned about the importance of family from the school of hard knocks. His parents divorced when he was six. His mother died three years later and he then lived in a blended family. When he was sixteen his father and younger brother were killed in a car accident. He lived by himself for a year and then became a foster child.

    He was educated in Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas for 22 consecutive years - which means he is either well educated or a little slow! Dr. Petty has been a counselor, visiting professor, on the staffs of large corporations in Texas and North Carolina, and for seven years was on the senior staff of the North Carolina Governor. He is founder and President of Family Success Unlimited, and since 1985, all he does is "eat and speak".

    Dr. Petty is married and has two grown children, two grandchildren and a grand dog!

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    "Dr. Petty did a great job of bringing wholesome message wrapped in humor. He kept everyone's attention and almost every evaluation put him at Excellent. Dr. Petty's address did just what I needed it to do; it set the positive tone for a great conference. He is highly recommended."
    --Arkansas Assoc. of Collegiate Registrars & Admin Officers