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Chris Helder

Master of Mindset, Keynote Speaker
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Useful Belief... Because it's better than Positive Thinking
This presentation is a game changer in the field of motivation and performance. For years, people have been told to try and be “positive”. The reality is that when most people try this they are unable to sustain it and end up feeling worse than when they started out. This is a presentation about “action”. It is not about being “positive”, but rather asking questions of yourself such as, “What is the most useful thing to believe about this situation?” and “What is the most useful thing that I could do today to get me closer to where I want to be?” Positive thinking is about a feeling, while Useful Belief is all about “action”.

The Power of Influence...Mastering the Customer Experience
This is the presentation that has made Chris one of the most popular presenters around the world. This powerful program makes an IMMEDIATE impact in the areas of communication and maximising the customer experience. Prepare for a HIGH ENERGY presentation that will leave participants with "tools" to PERSUADE and INFLUENCE. Chris has a fresh approach that concentrates on understanding those you are trying to influence, in order to create a stronger connection and ultimately results.

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  • Chris Helder is one of the most exciting speakers in the world right now. His highly entertaining messages have literally transformed how businesses communicate with their clients.
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    Chris Helder is one of the most exciting speakers in the world right now. A dynamic speaker who delivers the “Power of Influence”, his highly entertaining messages have literally transformed how businesses communicate with their clients.

    The author of two best-selling books on the power of genuine communication, Chris has wowed over 2,000 audiences throughout the USA, Asia, Australia and Europe. Chris’ brilliant combination of energy, wit, humor and tailored content ensures he relates to every audience member.

    His global client list includes: Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Glaxo Smith Kline, Toyota, Fuji Xerox, Levi’s and IBM. Chris speaks at conferences in the areas of sales, communication, influence, leadership and mastering the face to face customer experience.

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    "Chris Helder was like a power pack of positive energy and enthusiasm bursting onto the stage. He made every one of our employees wake up, sit up and listen with interest. Chris's messages were simple and powerful enough for any person to take on board to improve their lives, but specific enough to our organization to make a difference to the way we do business each day. Thank you!"

    "Chris Helder was our keynote speaker at all five Jetset Travelworld Group State Conferences. Each week he showed the same high energy and enthusiasm that was contagious. His messages were strong and the delegates who attended walked away with new skills that they could put into practice back in their shops immediately. Chris made a huge contribution and helped all our agents and national office staff & finish the State Conferences on a real high! Our feedback rated Chris' session the highest out of our program over the 2 days. We loved him!"
    --Jetset Travel

    "It's not just the exuberance, nor the passion. It’s not even just about the remarkable content. With Chris Helder you KNOW you have won the lottery. Chris just gets it. He READS his brief, knows who he’s talking to – and then gets a feel for the audience in the first 30 seconds. What follows? Wham! Everyone engaged, along for the ride and soaking up his invaluable insights and lessons."
    --DMP Marketing

    "Excellent. Having sat through countless motivational speakers - Chris would rate as the best. He overlapped business goals & personal - very important for people who spend so much time at work. Made me think."
    --Volkswagen Financial Services

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