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Craig Price

Craig Price

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Getting a Grip On Negativity
Negativity is an unfortunate part of life. Understanding its usefulness and value is the key to success. This innovative, entertaining program takes a realistic look at how to convert negative feelings and thoughts into productivity.

Generation Y: The X's and O's of the New Workforce
Before you can manage a person, you need to understand them. This humorous and indepth program puts the spotlight on what has shaped and motivates the younger workers that are entering the business world. Audience members older and younger alike will be entertained and enlightened by this informative presentation.

Leading From All Sides
In a world of vastly different personalities and perspectives, finding ways to get all the pieces to fit into a cohesive and effective organization can be a challenge. In this innovative, practical and entertaining program, discover realistic ways you can create a consistently successful leadership approach by adapting to differing personalities and creating the flexibility necessary to be a leader in today’s changing world.

Why Book Craig Price?

  • He provides the tools to obtain true, long-term motivation and gets groups to understand how to use negativity as a means for change and productivity.

  • He gives audiences refreshing proof that their options are not limited by the things that happen to them, but by their actions.

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    A highly sought after business keynote speaker, Craig Price has helped thousands of people learn to find the value in negative thoughts and emotions.

    Often, presentations are all fluff and have little long-term value. Participants walk out motivated and excited but that soon wears off as they slip back in to reality. Craig realized for true long-term motivation and production, one must look at the current tools every person possesses and utilize them. This was the driving force behind his desire to bring ”reality” based programs back into focus.

    His signature keynote “Getting a Grip on Negativity” and the companion book “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide” gets audiences to understand how to use negativity as a tool for change and productivity.

    As a professional speaker, advisor, author and entertainer, Craig has worked with some of the most effective and diverse corporate leaders, from multibillion-dollar manufacturers to top universities, around the country. He has a background in customer service, entertainment, telecommunications, and safety. A former professional stand-up comedian, Craig won the coveted title of “ Houston’s Funniest Person.” He is also an actor with television, voice-over and national radio program experience.

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    “The examples you gave as to how negativity in our culture affects our lives were poignant and true. Thanks for your strong message on how negative thoughts will make positive things happen in our lives. The delivery was even more powerful with your keen sense of humor.”
    --International Facilities Management Association

    "Craig Price delivered! He was well received by everyone and his entertaining, high-energy style helped set the tone for our safety event. His ability to get straight to the point in such a funny and insightful way was exceptional. We were extremely pleased with the feedback we received from his keynote and will definitely use him again."

    "Very funny and dead-on …Craig is one of the best presenters we have ever had."
    --Baker Hughes

    "Craig is a professional presenter in every respect. He delivers credible programs that transfer easily into the workplace for real time use. His programs are thorough, well documented and fun. He represents himself well and delivers the level of product that we expect."
    --Port of Houston Authority

    "Craig was fantastic and very funny. He was able to show us how negative thinking can create positive solutions and gave us a new way to look at goal setting and difficult communications."

    "Craig is an entertaining and energetic speaker. Our discerning audience of Technical Managers thoroughly enjoyed his message and delivery."
    --Alcon Laboratories

    "Great job! Craig set the bar so high, not only with his information but with his humor and personality. Thank you!"
    --Association of Record Managers and Administrators