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Dennis Ford

Author #1 Bestseller "Monetize Your Culture"
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More than 500 billion dollars is left on the table every year in the United States by companies with unhappy, unsatisfied, and unengaged employees. That's half a trillion dollars...wasted...gone...vapor. And the simple truth is that this doesn't have to happen. The answer costs nothing...not a dollar. The solution? Create an intentional company culture of joy, passion, respect, dignity, and trust. Any company that makes their employees the priority, and has a culture of appreciation and support, will dramatically increase productivity and revenues. It is a fact that happy engaged employees perform at a level often 40% higher than those who are not happy in their jobs.

This is the timely topic Dennis Ford addresses in his Keynote "Monetize Your Culture", based on his #1 Bestselling book. With stories of amazing and successful cultures, and brutal examples of how corporate America all too often misses the culture mark, the audience will be laughing at, and stunned by, the state of corporate culture in America. In the end, Dennis offers a simple solution to the oft times dismal and unhappy state of American business culture. Corporate culture can be joyful and wildly profitable, and any company can make it happen.


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Nearly every company in the US has a problem...and that is the fact that they leave a massive amount of money and productivity on the table...lost...gone...vapor. As companies scramble for revenue and productivity gains of a few percent, here is a rock solid methodology to realize gains of 20%...30%...40%...and more, in productivity and bottom line revenues. The simple answer...and it truly is simple - Create and manifest a company cuture of joy, respect, appreciation, trust, and passion. Happy, respected, and trusted employees outperform disengaged employees by massive amounts. Using his bestselling book as a guide, learn how to define the culture you have and, more importantly, how to create the amazingly happy, productive, and profitable culture you want!

Dennis Ford is Founder and President of Quantum Leap Productions, an innovative and wildly creative corporate messaging company. With over 25 years experience crafting unique corporate messages for live meetings, creating entertaining and relevant videos, and producing myriad original Team Building experiences for over 500,000 corporate employees and Senior Management, he realized there was a common denominator that every leader in every company talked about but, literally, not one addressed effectively...their company culture. 

So, after digging into the guts of many Fortune 100 and 500 companies it became his quest to actually solve a problem that every company to conceive, create, implement, and nurture a truly positive, effective, and joyful corporate culture. And even more important, how to create a truly profitable culture, one that contributes greatly to both productivity and bottom line no cost to the company. Dennis has written a book about creating a positive, and profitable culture, called "Monetize Your Culture: How to Create a Passionate, Committed Workforce That Actually Increases Your Bottom Line...and Costs You Nothing". It hit #1 Bestseller on Amazon in 2017. Dennis has given Keynote Addresses for both company leadership meetings and Association conferences from coast to coast.

In his first career, Dennis spent nearly 14 years with CB Commercial (now CB Richard Ellis), the largest commercial real estate brokerage in the world. After 7 years in sales, he became manager of the Phoenix, AZ office, leading it to #1 status among all CB Commercial offices nationwide 5 out of 7 years. He was named Senior Vice President and was the #1 rated sales and negotiating trainer, company wide.

Dennis is also accomplished at flying trapeze and trains, and performs, with a professional team, Ifly Trapeze, based in Scottsdale and Long Island. He trains as a catcher as well as a flier.

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"What does skiing and corporate culture have in common? Well, if you ever get a chance to hear Dennis Ford speak you'll learn the parallels between sports and business. Sometimes it's not about being the best but it's how you do it and more importantly how your customer perceives the service you are giving them. Be it skiing or the business you're in, culture is very hard to define, but Dennis uses his real-world experiences to get you to relate on a first hand basis. You'll come away with a clearer understanding of what you need to do as a leader in your organization to effect change!"

"Dennis is a wonderful, passionate and engaging speaker. Amazing to learn how much more money companies can earn (at NO cost) simply by addressing their own work culture!

"I really enjoyed your talk both in San Diego and in Florida and wanted to thank you again for your passion and energy - not to mention the message! I have heard amazing comments about your presentation!"
--Philadelphia Insurance Companies

"Dennis Ford rocked the stage at an event that highlighted other business owners scaling their companies. Dennis' talk on culture hit the nail on the head. It was poignant, timely, entertaining and educational. His ability to wrap learning points around compelling stories had our team retain the information long after the event was over. He is a master at story telling which had his talk become even more relevant and useful. Thanks Dennis and I look forward to sharing your message with others in our company."
--Inner Radiance Corporate Advisors

"Dennis has the ability to teach in a way that is very sticky. It's been two weeks since I saw him speak and I still remember exactly what I learned. He does this through very articulate storytelling. His energy and candor would be an amazing compliment to any stage.”
--Money Metrics

"Having a stellar company culture is a game-changer for any organization. You will attract and retain the top players, and the sincere commitment from your team will increase dramatically, The result: A healthy bottom line in your company. It that sounds enticing to you, Dennis Ford is your man. Dennis rocked the stage at our recent event with engaging stories that had the audience laughing hysterically; mixed with powerful strategy to build a strong culture that can be applied immediately. If you are looking for a keynote pro that your audience will rave about, you will be over-the-moon thrilled you hired speaking and culture expert Dennis Ford."
--Allison Maslan, CEO of Allison Maslan International- No. 1 Best Selling Author of ‘Scale or Fail’

"Your culture is NOT what you think it is -it's what your employees think it is - and importantly - if your culture isn't good, it’s costing you. Dennis is a thought leader on profitable company culture. He's a master speaker who will delight your audience and, most importantly, make a significant difference.”
--Bali Secrets