Derrick Cameron

Derrick Cameron

The Tonight Show, Headliner Comedian and Actor
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Derrick Cameron was a hyperactive, mischievous, hard-headed boy whose parents had no idea what they had just created.

Born in Key West, Florida he was relocated to Hawaii after being only four months old. At the age of 6 1/2 months, Derrick had already started walking, causing his mother to lose her mind trying to keep up with her curious child. The family moved to San Diego, California where Cameron started his education, unleashing his energy on the San Diego public school system. He knew being in the principal’s office would be a common occurrence.

“People always asked if I was the class clown, no, I was the class comedian, the class clown did stupid things all year, where I did or said something funny and people still talk about to this day.” says Cameron.

Humor was always a part of his life. His father would always cause some havoc at any gathering the family attended. His mother is blessed with the ability to mimic anyone she meets with incredible accuracy. Growing up with funny parents set the foundation for his love of comedy. Cameron was addicted to television comedy. Hours lost in the land of Ha-Ha. “Watching the Tonight Show was my favorite, if there was a stand-up comic performing on the show, I always stayed up to watch. ” says Cameron “I recall one evening, at the age of fourteen, telling my mother that one day I will be on that show.” recalls Cameron.

“My first club performance was at the Comedy Store in La Jolla, California,” says Cameron. Shortly after becoming a regular at the Improv in San Diego, he decided to do comedy full-time. Before Cameron embarked on his new career, he listened to the advice of famed comic, Sinbad. He encouraged Cameron to use his recommendation to book his first month of work on the road. That first month has led to Cameron performing all over the world, some highlights for Cameron include appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comedy Central,USO, and opening for musical legends.

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