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Durwood Fincher

Mr. Doubletalk®, Greatest American Imposter
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  • Fincher's outrageous presentations enlighten and inspire as much as they entertain. Prior to his talk, Fincher will pose as a roving reporter and videotape interviews with event attendees. Asking meaningless questions but soliciting thoughtful answers, he later delivers a hilarious presentation incorporating all the ill-gotten clips.

Why Book Durwood Fincher?

  • Durwood is an insightful speaker, entertainer, linguist and comedian, whose specialty is corporate communications.

  • He opens his audiences’ minds and makes them laugh, employing his Mr. Doubletalk character while using language to mislead.

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    Durwood Fincher, a.k.a. Dr. Robert Payne, is an entertainer, a linguist and an insightful comedian, whose specialty is corporate communications. Mr. Doubletalk® has been the secret ingredient at hundreds of successful corporate functions, making certified heroes out of meeting planners since 1981. He is on the road an average of 200 days a year. He never fails. He provides an unexpected, refreshing experience for the corporate audience, a hilarious way for them to examine, reexamine and improve communications skills for themselves and others.

    As Dr. Robert Payne, he portrays the bad example, the worst-case scenario of contemporary business-speak, using language to mislead. This bumbling, bureaucratic stereotype (familiar to attendees of conferences nationwide) uses mind-numbing language, designed to distort reality, make the bad seem good and the intolerable seem tolerable.

    Introduced as Dr. Payne, head of a government agency which is pertinent to your industry, his presentation is salted through and through with your own company's buzzwords, jargon and other familiar references, to further the confusion. This curious-looking executive is passed off as an "Inside-The-Beltway" Dork.

    Following his bogus introduction by your host, "Dr. Payne" begins his equally bogus presentation which sounds like he is making sense. But if you listen carefully, it becomes obvious that what he is saying makes no sense whatsoever. Slowly the crowd begins to catch on.

    First there is a titter. Then a few laughs. Then lots of laughs. After the charade of Dr. Payne is exposed, Fincher swings into a fast-paced, laugh-filled sketch of real-life anecdotes about the funny foibles of people attempting to communicate with one another, against all odds. The audience, always forgiving, can't get enough.

    With Durwood Fincher on the program, the people in the audience enjoy themselves and come away refreshed, having learned the message that we all must strive to communicate more concisely and clearly. Your meeting glides on effortlessly, successfully, in an atmosphere cleansed by laughter.

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    "Quotes from our attendees: "Hands down, best luncheon speaker we've ever had!" and "Whatever you paid for him, it was worth every penny!" Not only was Durwood different, he was amazing. I must give a great thumbs up to his camera man too. So kind, professional and easy to work with. A wonderful experience all around!"
    --Tennessee Valley Public Power