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Flashover Seminars

Extreme Teamwork and High Performance Leadership
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  • Incident Command
  • Extreme Teamwork
  • Search and Rescue Mission
  • Structure Fire Stimulator
  • Outdoor Firefighter Challenge
  • Firefighter Bootcamp


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The Flashover Seminar experience is a cutting edge journey into the "Extreme Teamwork" and High Performance Leadership necessary for success in today's fast-paced and time critical business environment -- led by the professionals who epitomize the term "performance under pressure", America's firefighters.

Our impactful events take you deep into a world in which life and death decisions are made every day and a deep connection to one's teammates is essential for survival -- and allows you to experience first-hand the teambuilding strategies and "Incident Command" skills you'll need to handle all of your business fires with confidence!

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