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Flip Orley has single-handedly reshaped the image of hypnosis form its vaudeville image, to an act hip and edgy enough for the MTV generation. What sets Orley apart from others in his craft, is his true comedic ability, delivering a hilarious stand up set before unleashing his volunteers creative imaginations.


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He is single-handedly reshaping the image of hypnosis from something perceived to be of the vaudeville era into something palatable for the MTV generation. His appearance on the TODAY SHOW brought rave reviews and stopped traffic in midtown Manhattan. His one-man show is setting comedy club attendance records from coast to coast as audiences catch on to his fresh combination of hypnotism and comedy. He is comedic hypnotist Flip Orley, and his day to day breaking of stereotypes has audiences breaking into laughter, and more often awe.

Orley's appearance on Entertainment Tonight was nothing if not original as he hypnotized reporter Garrett Glazer and made him see stars movie stars… Everywhere! Orley has also appeared on The Martin Short Show, Comic Strip Live, Rikki Lake, Maury Povich and Space Ghost (Coast to Coast).

But it is his uncanny way with subjects, his finely tuned power of suggestion and rapid fire delivery that keep audiences coming back for more. Unlike past generations of hypnotists, Orley does not humiliate his subjects for comic effect, but entertains by enlightening his audience...often with lasting beneficial effects on those who have been induced into hypnosis. After making them forget their own names, having them regress to age 5, or pledge undying love to complete strangers in a highly original version of The Newlywed Game, subjects often report less stress, better sleep, and more energy.

Orley is adamant about not embarrassing his volunteers. "I want the audience to laugh with them, not at them." he says. "This is the purest form of improvisational entertainment you will ever see as the show rewrites itself every night, and volunteers are my partners, not my victims. Each subject is treated with respect and gentility"

Flip Orley's journey to becoming the most innovative hypnotist of his time began by his purchasing a book when he was in the 6th grade called How to Pick Up Girls Through Hypnotism. Although the advice in that particular book did not pay off, Orley became obsessed with the subject matter and learned everything he could about it. Flip studied psychology at the University of Arizona with the intention of becoming a clinical hypnotist. It was while majoring in psychology at the University of Arizona, however, that Orley discovered stand up comedy.

Hypnosis took second place for a time as Orley honed his comedic skills in small clubs around the country. He eventually hit upon the idea of combining the two, and was able to successfully hypnotize 20 subjects on stage with his very first try. The rest is comedy club history as marquees across the country invariably read "Flip Orley/Held Over, 8th Week," "...10th week," "...14th Week."

Orley has not rejected the clinical side of hypnotism, however, and often uses his highly developed techniques in seminars and workshops to help people deal with stress management, weight control, and compulsive disorders like smoking and shopping. He's been used by dentists and doctors when patients are allergic to anesthesia...he was used by one dentist who operated on one patient for almost 2 hours without an anesthetic. The subject awakened and without pain and thought the whole thing was a scam until she looked into a mirror. He’s been credited with helping difficult pregnancies to full term through stress control and with aiding couples in rekindling the passion in relationships. But most of all eh works to correct the misconception that hypnosis is about Svengali-type person controlling another, more weak-willed individual. Orley maintains that he teaches his subjects how to more successfully explore the creativity and imagination within their own subconscious minds.

Whether he bounds on stage in a T-shirt and jeans or a button down and tie, Orley rolls up his sleeves and for two hours gives each audience all he has to give, while he teaches them all about they have to give to themselves.

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