Harlan Ullman

Harlan Ullman, PhD

Creator of Shock & Awe Strategy, 10 Steps to Defeat Global Terror
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  • South Asia—Saving Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • What Should Keep You Up at Night---Dangers and Risks, Home and Abroad
  • Why We Are in A Financial Mess and What Can Be Done
  • How Businesses Can Transform and Cope with A Grim Future
  • Why Government is Broken and How You Can Fix It
  • The Pentagon, War and the Future
  • Insights into Great Leaders I Know and Have Known


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Harlan Ullman is engaged in the cutting edge of current events and business. Described by the United States Naval Institute as “known for his uncompromising honesty and integrity,” he is actively engaged in South Asia at the highest levels of government regarding Afghanistan, Pakistan and India at a time extremism and terrorism threaten to challenge and overthrow the current regimes and regional stability.

He advises the Department of Defense on a number of strategic issues including the process by which the Pentagon transforms the way it conducts its business. His next book on this topic is called Revolution in the Pentagon and What it Means for America and American Businesses. His last book was America’s Promise Restored: Preventing Culture, Crusade and Partisanship from Wrecking Our Nation.

An active entrepreneur and strategic advisor to business, he is engaged with a number of firms ranging from protection of people and things through high technology materials to emergency planning and consequence management.

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with highest honors and later the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy where he was awarded a PhD, he served for twenty years as a naval officer in command, operational and senior assignments ashore. During the war in Vietnam, he captained both a fast patrol boat and a patrol boat division leading them on over 150 combat operations during which he saw significant action. He later commanded a large destroyer in the Persian Gulf and Middle East.

He writes a weekly column for UPI and is a frequent contributor on U.S. and international television. He advises several of America’s most senior military officers and is on the advisory board of the U.S. military command in Europe where he deals directly with the Supreme Allied Commander Europe. In his spare times, he plays golf, travels, lectures and writes columns for two leading Japanese publications.

He resides in Georgetown, Washington, DC with his wife and Welsh corgi called “Houndo.”

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