Hedy Wald

Hedy Wald, PhD.

“INTEGRATIVE RESILIENCE”- Promoting Resilience, Wellbeing, & Vitality in Healthcare Professions Education & Organizations
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The Becoming: Crafting a Story of You for Resilience and Vitality
Health care professions practitioners, faculty, and trainees are at risk for stress and burnout, which can impact well-being and optimal patient care. Within “The Becoming,” the dynamic lifelong process of professional formation, “3R’s” – Reflection, Relationships, Resourcefulness – can inspire, enrich, and fortify us as we craft our own story for resilience and vitality. Reflective writing-enhanced reflection, in particular, can serve as a “Resiliency Workout” and help us reconnect to our own heart, values, passion, and humanity. Dr. Hedy Wald will discuss how we can effectively serve as our own “reflective coach,” utilizing a “3R toolkit” approach to enhance resiliency and wellbeing for ourselves and our organizations. A partnership of individual skills and workplace factors as a shared commitment for cultivating a sustainable “culture of resilience and wellbeing” will be discussed.


  • Awareness, Reflection, & Meaning-Making: Creating A Professional Toolkit for Resilience and Wellbeing-An Experiential Session

  • Self-Awareness, Reflection, and Meaning-Making: Mind-Body Medicine and Reflective Writing for Promoting Resiliency and Wellbeing - An Experiential Session

    Caring for Our Patients, Our Students, Ourselves: The Power of Narrative
    The power of narrative…to humanize, to heal, to transform healthcare and health policy. Health benefits of narrative for patients are well documented and both patients’ and caregivers’ (family and professional) narratives can inform public health and research policy agendas. In a rapidly changing, increasingly technologic healthcare environment, however, how can we, within health professions education, maintain the centrality of narrative for competent and compassionate relationship-centered healthcare? Interactive (guided) reflective writing and reading literature can deepen understanding of the patient’s experience of illness, cultivate and preserve empathy, and foster reflective capacity, ideally strengthening the physician-patient relationship. Join Dr. Hedy Wald as she discusses the role of narrative for optimizing patient care and the use of interactive reflective writing –enhanced reflection to support healthy professional identity formation and resilience/wellbeing in health professions education and practice. Dr. Wald brings educational and experiential lenses with her medical education scholarship as well as the illness narrative turn of her life and will share excerpts of her published essays and poetry.
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    Hedy S. Wald, PhD is Clinical Professor of Family Medicine; Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Director of Resident Resilience/Wellbeing-Residency Programs in Child Neurology and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities; Boston Children’s Hospital-Harvard Medical School and Faculty, Harvard Medical School-Global Pediatrics Leadership. Dr. Wald has been recognized with Dean’s Excellence in Teaching Awards, served as a Fulbright Scholar in medical education for Ben Gurion University of Health Sciences, Israel, and is a Gold Humanism Foundation Harvard-Macy Scholar. Dr. Wald has been a Visiting Professor at over 50 healthcare professions schools and healthcare organizations world-wide, presenting on promoting resilience and wellbeing in healthcare professions education and practice as well as on reflective writing-enhanced reflection supporting professional identity formation. Her presentations including a recent plenary for 4,000 health professions educators and administrators in Basel (Association of Medical Education in Europe) are energetic and inspiring. Her creative writing has been published in literary and medical journals and noted by the New York Times.

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    "Dr. Hedy Wald did a TERRIFIC job teaching in our Harvard Medical School Global Pediatrics Leadership Course, leading an international group of 50+ pediatricians in acquiring a toolkit of skills in resilience, humanism, and professionalism. She is a resource in an important and highly needed area of professional development, especially in the health care industry."
    --Phillip L. Pearl, M.D.,Director of Epilepsy and William G. Lennox Chair, Boston Children's Hospital & Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School

    "Dr. Hedy Wald, PhD, is an energetic and passionate champion of strategies (both individual and organizational) to improve resiliency, enhance reflection, and pellucidity of professional identity formation. A pleasure to work with, a dynamic energy and a boldness of vision is what one will find in Hedy."
    --University of Iowa

    "Hedy Wald served as a keynote speaker for the symposium "Tell Me What Hurts: Storytelling and the Healing Arts," held at the University of New England (UNE) in Maine Sept. 13, 2018 and co-hosted by the UNE Maine Women Writers Collection and the School of English at the University of Kent. Her talk was substantive and inspiring, packed with scholarly evidence and compelling examples of the value of narrative to healers, patients, and caregivers. Indeed, Dr. Wald's incorporation of the caregiver's perspective into the discussion is an important new contribution on an under-studied aspect of health care and the illness experience. She is a force of nature!"
    --University of New England

    "Dr. Wald's workshop for the Women in Medicine and Science (WIMS) Organization at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, Paul L. Foster School of Medicine was very positively received and we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the incredible information she shared. Her energy and presence is amazing. Dr. Wald provided insightful information on mindfulness, resilience and reflective habits, ways to improve wellbeing, and key elements for professional formation. We appreciated Dr. Wald taking the time to travel to El Paso to not only provide a captivating presentation, but also to meet with various faculty members and with the WIMS Executive Committee. Our WIMS organization is extremely appreciative of her valuable contribution to the 4th Annual WIMS Professional Development Program and we look forward to working with her in the future."
    --Texas Tech University

    "The Indiana University School of Medicine Faculty Affairs | Professional Development | Diversity office brought Dr. Wald to campus for two talks, on teaching with reflective writing in medical education, and the other on wellness and mindfulness strategies for faculty. Hedy was wonderful to work with. She tailored the sessions to our faculty members’ needs and interests. All-in-all, it was pure joy to work with her! We’d highly recommend her as a speaker and facilitator for these topics."
    --Indiana University School of Medicine