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Howard Hyden

Howard Hyden

Customer Focus As A Competitive Advantage
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Add Value or Stay Home: 7 Keys to Differentiating Yourself in a "Me Too" Business World
The smart choice? Add Value...Lots of Value. If not...margins will go down, sales will be flat, and customer retention will be more difficult. In today's competitive business world, you need a dramatically different approach to win! Designed to reorient perspectives, this session shows attendees not only how to discover, but how to act on new opportunities to add value for their customers. This invaluable insight invariably results in significant sales increases, enhanced customer retention and impressive bottom line results.

How to Compete in a Down Market: 10 ways to beat the competition!
The good news? Your competitors think they are going to have a bad year. Life is a six inch game; if you think you’re going to have a bad year, you are right, if you think you’re going to have a good year...that’s the first step. This is not the time to follow the pack, this is the time to think outside of the box. When the rest of the world goes South, I get the darndest urge to go North. This is Not the Time to Follow the Pack - Counter-Intuitive Marketing Strategies can Help You Win!

Employee Motivation in Tough Times: 7 Ways to Fuel the Fire in Employee Performance
Employees can be your Competitive Advantage or your Competitive Disadvantage The good news? Your competitors think they are going to have a bad year. Life is a six inch game; if you tell your employees you are going to have a bad year, they will prove you right every time. If you tell them you’re going to have a good year...that's the first step. If you want to be Awesome with your customers, you must be Awesome with your employees.


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Howard Hyden is not your typical speaker! He is an astute and very successful businessman who brings over 25 years of in-the-trenches experience, leadership, and reality-based ideas from some of the nation's leading companies. Howard is an extremely high-energy, engaging, and results-driven speaker. His expertise is steering businesses through his pioneering concept of Customer Focus. He encourages his audiences to “play the game at the awesome level” by bringing more value to customers.

Howard served as a senior marketing executive for a Fortune 100 company for four years. In this capacity he directed research and development of strategies for transforming the entire organizational culture into a Customer Focused one. He did this by conducting interviews at some of the nation’s most prestigious business schools—Stanford, Harvard, Duke, and Kellogg—as well as at several major corporations. As a result, he combined both the discipline of marketing and organizational development into a unique, integrated approach. He designed innovative tools to assist organizations integrate Customer Focus into the infrastructure of their organizations. Howard has experience in marketing to industrial, government, and consumer markets.

Howard is nationally recognized as THE leading authority in helping companies become Customer Focused. As a corporate executive, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, author, and president of The Center for Customer Focus, he assists organizations to begin making profound transformations. He has inspired change at companies worldwide including Del Webb, 3M, Wells Fargo, and Dunn & Bradstreet.

Howard has spoken at numerous conferences, association meetings, and trade events including the prestigious Inc. Magazine’s annual conference on “Growing Your Business”. He has presented in various capacities including keynote speaker, breakout session presenter, and workshop facilitator. As a keynote speaker, he has shared the platform with Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, Peter Ueberoth, and others. Howard is a featured author in a book entitled Conversations On Success. He is currently working on a new book entitled Add Value or Stay Home.

Howard is an honor MBA graduate from Pepperdine University and majored in electrical engineering as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois.

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