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Irv Rothman

Out-Executing The Competition
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Straight from the CEO: Does your business model invite or impede innovation? Breaks down the necessary skills and forward thinking mindsets to help companies and professions adapt and survive in the face of an uncertain future.

Play Gutsball: Out-execute the competition takes an interpersonal look at how to ignite the passion to succeed and the courage behind intelligent risk taking.

In CEO to CFO: The Next Natural Progression, Irv walks corporate executives through the struggles and lessons he learned transitioning from a CFO to CEO, and what it takes for existing CFO’s to make the switch.


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With over forty years of executive experience, Irv Rothman is a renowned financial services expert and has an acknowledged track record of excellence. Whether engaging in start-ups, large mergers, joint venture and M&A activities, turnaround situations, or global operations, Irv’s Gutsball mentality has fueled his undeniable success and powerful execution. As President and CEO of HP Financial Services, Irv leads over 1500 employees and oversees $12.5 billion in assets by championing a culture of trust, collaboration, autonomy, and ethical behavior that works to better serve their customers.

Prior to joining HP, Rothman was president and CEO of Compaq Financial Services (CFS). As leader of the company’s 1997 start-up, Irv built CFS into a global business across 43 countries, ultimately achieving $3.4 billion in assets, and $1 billion in revenue through joint ventures, acquisitions, and creating new operations. In 2002, Rothman cemented his Gutsball ethos with his influence on the HP/Compaq merger, a deal that married Compaq’s global reach with HP’s technological prowess and resulted in a state-of-the-art finance and leasing company now producing over $3.5 billion in annual revenue.

Irv did his undergraduate work at Rutgers and later received his MBA from Pepperdine. Irv started his assent with leadership positions at U.S. Leasing International and Thomson McKinnon Securities before joining AT&T in 1985. As group president, Rothman helped build AT&T Capital into a $9 billion corporation.

Rothman is the author of Out-Executing the Competition: Building and Growing a Financial Services Company in Any Economy.

When he’s not playing Gutsball in the office, Irv lives in the Greater New York City area where he enjoys golf, rooting for the New York Giants, and spending time with his grandchildren.

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Irv Rothman provides a set of simple, yet highly effective practices that leaders can use to successfully navigate their firms in these turbulent times.
--Harvard Business School

As we pick up the pieces of the worst economic period in nearly a hundred years, struggle with spectacular public errors of judgment and propriety in our business leaders, "out executing" reinforces the importance of involving the people (colleagues) in your business to maximize customer focus and business results. In this fast changing landscape, Irv reminds us, of what is most important for those who want to, need to and must succeed.
--MonoSol Rx

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