James Amps III

James Amps III

Personal Accountability Speaker
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Program Descriptions

  • Personal Accountability & the Challenges of Life
  • Leadership: The Challenges of Life
  • Staff Development: Accountability if a Diverse and Changing Workforce
  • Change: Creativity in an Uncreative Environment
  • Customer Service: Is the Customer Always Right?
  • Teambuilding: TEAMTHINK
  • Diversity: Overcoming Racial Comfort Zones


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Internationally renowned keynote speaker, consultant and author James Amps III has delivered presentations to more than 550 corporate and professional audiences worldwide. Having combined his professional experience in team building, diversity and executive coaching, he founded AMPS International, LLC, a multi-million dollar company that provides management consulting and organizational development training to Fortune 500 organizations as well as federal and non-profit sectors, and colleges.

In 2003, he founded the A.M.P.S. Entrepreneurship/Leadership Institute (Advanced Minds Pursuing Success), an organization dedicated to advancing the goals and growth of small business leaders, and empowering young entrepreneurs to pursue their talents, and foster their skills and abilities.

During his keynote speech, Personal Accountability and the Challenges of Life, Amps challenges both organizations and individuals to abandon their comfort zone; set aside their routines, become more creative and embrace the opportunities revealed by doing so.

An effective motivator, Amps says that “one has to be held personally accountable for how they live, despite the circumstances.

“It’s easy to point fingers and blame others,” he adds, “but it’s challenging to help find solutions to problems.”

Amps has authored the highly acclaimed and bestselling business book, Speaking to Excel, in which he lays the groundwork for success in communicating in a purposeful manner by sharing tips and practical methods used by many of Corporate America’s executives.

Throughout his life, Amps, with persistence and determination, has undergone a process of endless self-education, resulting in his expertise on issues of accountability. He is impelled by desire to assist others in facing obstacles head on, to achieve their goals; put ideas into action and help them redefine and improve their lives.

Currently, Amps serves as the lead consultant for the US Forest Service’s Enterprise Program and lead consultant to Verizon Wireless Leadership team.

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